Nerd Humor

This page is under development (although, isn't everything?). My friends and I have good times when we are at parties or talking on AIM and joking about different nerdy pursuits. Here I will collect some of the jokes that I thought were funny.

A directed graph showing the Beats relationship.
A directed graph of the Beats relation. [My neighbor] connects to [his dog] and [Mikey] connects to [off].

Bush is a Turing Machine that halts on any input.

Common Journalist Units of Measure
AttributeAccepted Units
Width/Thicknesssmall: fractions of a human hair.
large: the number required, if stacked, to reach the moon.
LengthLaid end to end, how many are required to circle the Earth.
VolumeCompare to the size of a VW Bug.
Computer StorageLibraries of Congress (LoC).
Computer Speedslow: Compare to a pocket calculator.
fast: Many times faster than a standard desktop PC.

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