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2004-02-08 23:44:41 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
This weekend was mostly dominated by my Eagle Scout project. I am building a train table for the local Boys and Girls club. Yesterday we painted a bunch of stuff. Today we assembled the pieces and painted. Thanks to everyone who came (why I am thanking them here? I doubt any of them read this), especially Geoff Ma who came both days and brought a bunch of Key Clubbers (better than baby seal clubbers). It turned out better than I thought it would, it seems very sturdy, but is a little heavy. Thankfully, one of the volunteers is in AP Drawing and Painting and was able to help with the mural.
Yesterday in the evening I went to a Star (Trek || Wars || gate) convention. I wasn't able to go during the day, because of the project, but I went to a Voyager Vaudeville thing that night. It started with Ethan Phillips (Neelix, happy birthday!) and Robert Picardo (the Doctor) performing a play they wrote. It is based on Voyager after they return to earth. Then, while Tim Russ (Tuvok) was limping to the stage (he was in crutches), Robert Picardo sang two songs from his latest CD: Extreme Bob. Then Tim Russ, played some songs from his CDs. Ethan Phillips was also injured, he hurt his wrist (he said it was from TiVo'ing the Jackson breast over and over). They guy who played Dr. Chaotica was also there.
Some loser on the NHS list got like MyDoom or whatever, so I'm getting spammed with both bounces from forged e-mails from me and the virus itself. For some reason, the virus is using my secondary mail server, so all e-mails are being stripped of the virus by Eric's MTA. Fortunately, it didn't take long for my bayesian spam filters to be trained to move the viruses to spam and leave the bounces alone. Jobs, I love Bayesspam.
I finally had another job this weekend. I went over to a dad's (from Boy Scouts) house. Nick Jakubik and I were going to help them install Age of Mythology on their external hard drive and install a new graphics card. Unfortunately, their computer was a Pentium II with no AGP slot (and they had an AGP video card). I didn't want to sound like sleezy computer salesman, but Nick and I felt the best option was a new computer, especially if the kids were planning on playing future games. I didn't feel it would be worth it for him to try and upgrade the computer; at some point you just have to stop and get a new computer. I went on NewEgg today and spec'ed out a super Athlon machine (sans monitor and graphics card) based on the Shuttle XPC series for $558.98. Man, what a little money can buy you these days. This computer will be as good as mine (excluding peripherals like monitor and speakers) for a lot less. However, it won't run prime95 as well ;) (no SSE2).
Right now I'm listening to Rose Tint My World and feeling pain from inside my head right behind my eyes. I think it is time to quaff some NyQuil and call it a night.
Before I go, I need to mention that Venus Hum Fans was launched (a sort of sister sight to the Blue Man Library). They have William's Last Day at Work which I quickly downloaded. However, I think I should delete it until the CD comes out so I don't get tired of it before I get the high quality version. What am I saying, I can't get tired of it! Go download it yourself! Also, after reading about the Superbowl on the Blue Man message board, I learned about a few more places Blue Man could be heard. Since we didn't record the pregame show which featured Time to Start, I had my parents point the tape to 0:51 left in the 4th quarter. During the highlight thingy, the song Above can be heard. w00t! I had to hop up and air paint drum. I can't help it, I automatically start air whatever'ing whenever I hear a Blue Man song. Is that an airpole I hear? No? Okay. Finally, it looks like the Vegas fan meet is set for the weekend of August 21st. I'll have to clear up my summer and convince my parents to pay for it :). They'll hopefully pay for the plane and Blue Man tickets, but now I have to convince them to get me tickets to see Zumanity ;). Trippingblue was asking if anyone wanted to see it with him that weekend.
Okay, I'm ending the message for real this time. I'd just like to say I love Love of Strings. 'night
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