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2004-02-29 17:14:11 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Some new things to report on. First of all, I went to Trinidad for a week over mid-winter break. We left just as Carnival was starting, but that was okay because we still got to see lots of steel drum stuff. I have pictures but I haven't put them on the website yet. It was really interesting there, which I'll hopefully write about later. A lot of people thought I was rasta. Also, they had some good music and we bought a compilation CD of this year's top soca hits.
I'm still working on my eagle project, but I can't get through the damn wall in the Boys and Girls Club. It is really frustrating us that we can't attach the table to the wall.
Also, I've been getting a lot of computer work the last few weeks. First, the computer I built with Nick Jakubik. Unfortunately, the filesystem managed to magically disappear. I think Nick is fixing that problem. Today I went over to my Aunt and Uncle's boat to fix their computer. I brought the latest NAV virus definitions on a CD. They had MyDoom and some of its derivatives. Finally, Mr. Radow, a teacher I had two years ago, called with some questions about installing OS X on his Mac and some upgrades.
Yesterday, I turned off our cable modem before I rode my bike up to get lunch. Unforunately, I forgot about it and didn't end up turning it back on until after I ate lunch and watched this show about sandwiches (so, over 1.5 hours later). Fortunately, it worked and we are running at 3.0 mbps. I ran a speed test and it reported that speed, however, unfortunately, none of my downloads have gone that fast yet.
One of the reasons for the slower downloads is probably because I started up Freenet again. I went to their website a few days ago to see how the progress was coming and they had just happened to have released a new stable build which includes a new rate limiting system. I was getting pretty good results last night and this morning, but now it doesn't really seem to be working.
This is sort of a three day weekend. I have BCC tomorrow, but at high school we are having a 'day of respect.' There is, of course, no way in hell I'm going to that. It is a whole bunch of speakers and presentations. There aren't even any classes that day. Yay! I get to sleep in yay!
Finally, I was getting diesel on the way back from the computer appointment and it is 1.96 $/gallon. There is no fucking way I am paying that much for gas. I filled it up halfway, just enough to get me through until the prices drop again. I ride my bike to high school, but BCC is still a long way to ride. Maybe I'll try riding there tomorrow. You know, if we had a car free city...
I'm jealous of the NY Blue Man fans. Those that went to the fan meet last weekend got to have a drum circle in the Blue Man studio with two of the Founders. You can find some cool clips from it on the Blue Man Library. Also, it exclusively has the I Feel Love music video. It was first shown to the fans during the fan meet and they were given it on VHS to add to the library.
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