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2004-03-04 07:28:24 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I ran a few errands yesterday. First I went to the bank and deposited my CD MAP class action lawsuit check. Now I'm taking money away from the labels :). I was looking on the website and it appears that I cashed it exactly one year after the form to get the check was due. It took a while to be sent out, but when it finally arrived, I was sure to put it on my New Year's resolution page.
Also, I stopped at the post office to pick up two packages that the post office was unable to deliver (no one was home). Could it be? I got there right when the correct mail truck was being unloaded. When I saw the post office person wheel a cart around with a big circular package in it, I started to smile. It was a little awkward carrying a circular container, but I managed to get it to the car safely. The wrapping on both packages was really beat up, with holes all the way through one. They were also plastered with tons of stickers for customs and other things. I went home and immediately opened them. I set up the stand and then whipped out the Steel Drum. Yay! I went upstairs to get my sticks and a music book (which has the notes) so I could begin practicing. I'm going to try to get some music for it tomorrow.
Last night I had my Scoutmaster Conference. Now I am so close to getting Eagle. Less than two weeks to go :).
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