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2004-03-07 22:43:29 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Last Friday I finally finished my Eagle Scout project! My dad and I rented a "rotohammer" which is sort of a cross between a drill and a jackhammer. We used it to break through the concrete; it went through like 'buddah'. It is nice to make that worry go away.
On Thursday, I went on iTunes and bought a bunch more music. I bought 16 songs so I could burn another CD. I had it within six seconds of 80 minutes (the size of the disc), but it wouldn't let me burn it. I figure it had to have a little more space for the lead in and out information. So, I had to remove a song before it would continue. I still have two songs that aren't on a CD yet. Today or tomorrow I'm going to buy some more. The next CD will probably have some dance music, Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Enya, Bob Dylan, and more. As my mom pointed out, I have a very eclectic taste in music. Oh, I can't forget the Polyphonic Spree, put some of that on there too.
I bought all this music recently because I fixed something on the laptop that was preventing me from buying music (well, not physically, but I didn't want to buy any until it was fixed). All I had to do was create a symlink, which was amazingly easy. The problem was actually preventing me from updating my iPod, so that was the first time I had updated it since back in December. It was good because I was finally able to put Switched on Christmas, 18 B-sides, and the USE EP on my iPod. It was nice listening to all this fresh music on my way to school (on my bike no less).
Speaking of my bike, I rode to frisbee on Tuesday. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I aborted my plans of riding to the BCC on Wednesday because I was too tired. Anyway, back on subject. I arrived at frisbee on my bike listening to my iPod with my dreads. Mikey mentioned how I was multiple stereotypes rolled into one. Excellent. One of the girls suggested I dye my hair, which I have considered. I only have two dilemmas about that: which color to get (green? blue? orange?) and what will it look like in a year when my hair has grown another six inches? Maybe I should get each dread done in a different color; either green, gold and black or red, green and gold. I'll think about it.
Finally, speaking of USE, I noticed that they are coming back for a show in Seattle on March 16. That will make an excellent birthday present to myself. Now, just have to convince Travis or someone to come with me.
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