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2004-03-10 00:31:36 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I swear, this isn't a blog. Anyway, some updates. On Monday I woke up and noticed all the light entering the house from outside. I figured it was either going to be a nice day or the sun had gone supernovae (the two are mutually exclusive). It was a little foggy, but I knew it was going to clear up. It was great riding home from school. I even went slow a few times just to enjoy it. In fact, I even sat outside for a while and read a book! I know! Today was a different story, however. Lets just say, it was not raining when I left! By the time I arrived at school, I was practically soaked. Oh well, it was refreshing and made sure I was awake for school. Although, I'm not really sure I need to be awake for steel drum block ;). After BCC I went to Interlake High School with Nick Jakubik to help him with his eagle project. I filmed him interviewing people in the Special Ed department for a documentary thingy he is making. For dinner I went to Applebee's with most of the Lost Boys patrol. We didn't accomplish anything, really, but we had a good time. Tomorrow I have a steel drum performance at the Fine Arts Showcase and I plan to ride my bike the whole day, from home->school->BCC->school->frisbee->school.
Speaking of steel drum, I brought home some music today. I practiced for a while and I am able to play a recognizable part of three of the songs (in other words, a familiar part of the song). These include The Hammer and Rant and Rave, two songs we will be playing tomorrow, and two of my favorites. Another good one that I have been practicing is Both of Them.
One thing I forgot to mention before: I watched The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert over the weekend with my family. I didn't realize that it is ten years now. Also, since I hadn't heard of him at the time, I didn't realize Hugo Weaving was in the movie. That is right, you can watch Elrond/Agent Smith in drag.
Okay, I have been building up inside and I think it is time for some politics and rants. If you don't care for that kind of thing or are pansy-assed (err, excuse me, "easily offended"), then you probably don't want to continue reading. An interesting thing to point out, I just did a Google search for pansy-assed (to make sure I was spelling it right, hyphenating it correctly, etc.), and I got this pansy-assed story. Interesting because it is local and Seattle has just begun giving out marriage licenses. Anyway, that gives a good segue (no, not Segway) into my discussion on all this gay stuff going on right now (stuff, of course, meaning rights and marriage). I personally don't see any reason for a constitutional amendment. You have to be joking me if you want to remove human rights from the Constitution (what, do you want gay prohibition?). Who exactly is Bush trying to have rally behind him? Anyway, if he wants an amendment banning gay marriage, why not black marriage as well? I mean, they had as much choice being black as gays have about being gay, and it is discrimination all the same. In fact, why don't we define marriage as a holy bond between two straight, white, Christians? I mean, they are the only people that matter, correct? Sorry, I'm a little cynical.
Okay, now that we have the gay issues out of the way, lets talk about something that has been on the mind of every heterosexual male for the last month or two: Janet Jackson's breast. I told myself I wouldn't talk about it, but I feel I must (although, this will be broader than one woman's breast). First of all, I'm outraged. I'm glad I don't have kids because I would be horrified to have them see on TV the same thing they sucked on for the first 18 months of their life.</sarcasm> Honestly, what is the big deal? This is another thing I can't understand and CBS and the FCC are just pissing me off by cracking down on 'offensive content.' I'm not offended, so why crack down? Why is there fear among many Americans over sexuality? Our Euro cousins don't seem to have any problems. If there is anyone in this country that saw a breast for the first time on the Superbowl, then I say they have more problems than seeing a breast on TV. This goes along with Howard Stern's show. I don't watch the guy and I probably wouldn't enjoy the show, but don't censor the man. "Censorship causes blindness" is what my school likes to say (how hypocritical of them). Everytime someone is censored, a bunny dies.
Next issue on the agenda: obesity. There were some articles on Google News a few hours ago about how obesity is approaching tobacco as the number one preventable killer. I also read about how 1/3 of all Americans are obese. Okay, where the fuck are they? Looking around school and my daily acitivites, I don't seem to find many obese people. When I go to a fair, well, that is a different story. But where do they go when fair season is over? That, my friend, is a quesion I can't answer. I don't see how people can let themselves become obese. Sure, some people have glandular problems and I exclude them from this. I was a little chubby when I was younger. I didn't enjoy it, so I decided to take charge. I started watching what I ate and no, I'm not talking about Atkins or $fad_diet_of_the_month. I cut back on unnecessaries, cut back on total food intake, cut pop out nearly completely, and exercised. I feel great now. If you don't get enough exercise, then buy an iPod and take it to the gym, for a jog, or on a bike ride. That is the Andrew diet (I believe something similar might be the "Hacker's Diet"). Another thing I have noticed. Everyone in the country has an eating disorder, either too much or too little. How many people are actually "ideal weight"?
Finally, I'll touch on abortion. I saw a bumper sticker today that read "It's a child, not a choice." I interpreted that as an anti-choice (aka, pro-life) viewpoint. I wanted to ram that car, oh well. How do anti-abortionists explain their killing of doctors? Do they claim they are saving lives by killing someone who takes lives away? Well, using the same logic, we should be able to slaughter anti-abortionists. They (unfortunately) kill plenty of doctors. Hmm, now that I think of it, that's not actually a bad idea; it does have some merit. Hmm, I'll be back...
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