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2004-03-15 00:22:24 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Last Wednesday, I went about my daily activities and only rode in a car once. I rode from home to school to BCC to Cucina Presto on the island to school to frisbee and back to school. My parents put my bike in their car and gave me a ride home (it was dark and I was exhausted). I got so much exercise, though, I spent much more time exercising then I did in school (although, there was a bunch of overlap). I never thought I would bike ride that much in one day. I got stopped at a crosswalk in Factoria and this weird guy kept talking to me. That was the downside of the day. The coolest part was going really fast down hills and not having to walk through the BCC parking lot. I'd rather ride my bike a bunch of kilometers than walk a few hundred meters :). I also brought my laptop to school and used it to pass the time during breaks in my schedule.
On Friday I rode to school only to learn that my first period was canceled and there was going to be an assembly. Well fuck that, I was already planning on skipping weight training. I'm not staying at school for three hours or whatever to get about 35 minutes of classtime. About ten minutes after arriving, I had talked to some people and decided to leave. I rode home, stopping at Starbucks on the way. As usual, I ate my pastry in the store and took my hot chocolate home. Unfortunately, I think a car was following me and refusing to pass on the street my house is on. I was going slowly down the final stretch of hill and I spotted a broken planter in front of me. I didn't want to move into the street in case there was a car, so I tried to go on the inside between the planter and the neighbor's lawn. I was riding with one hand and breaking as hard as I could, so I couldn't stop or steer very well. I knew nothing good would come of this, so I aimed for the lawn with the goal of saving my hot chocolate. My bike hit a sprinkler, I kept goint more, my feet stayed with the bike, so I landed on my knees. Some hot chocolate splashed out the little hole, but most survived. With minimal injuries, but lots of dirt, I walked my bike across the street to my house. I came out of that as good as could have been expected.
On Saturday, my mom, brother, and I went to Pizza π, a Vegan pizza restaurant in the University District. Searching for their website URL to link to, I also discovered you can submit your order online, cool! The three of us ordered the Hawaii 5-OHH and a custom made thing with onions, garlic, and faux pepperoni. It was interesting when the pizza arrived because the 'cheese' wasn't melted, the pepperoni looked cold, and there was no grease. However, upon test, it was indeed quite warm, and quite good. I split a slice with Travis later in the day and even a meat-loving guy like him enjoyed it. I think I should make it my goal for this summer to ride around (on my bike) to all the local Veggie/Vegan restaurants in town. Coming home, we were easily able to find the offices of Omni Group, a Mac software company. They are right off a popular bike trail near the University of Washington. I've been looking at them for a possible internship. It even comes with a massage every other week :).
Today my family continued its spree of weird movies by watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was a pretty neat movie. It stars a transsexual transvestite from East Germany that has an 'angry inch' left over from her sex change. She is following around Tommy Gnosis because he stole her songs. I only know about this movie because Marcus, a blue man in Las Vegas, starred as Hedwig in a live production of the story and Cyn talked about it.
Finally, today, my brother and I started working on a series of PHP scripts. It is my first encounter with PHP, so it is slow going. I was, however, able to design the layout of the scripts and the logic that it will follow. Once completed, we will most likely be releasing it on Sourceforge under the GPL. It comes in response to the increased censorship on the school network. This website is blocked for 'gaming' of all things. They might be able to block the outgoing connections, but their printers are still announcing the presence of their admin pages to me using ZeroConf :). I guess it all evens out in the end. I can laugh at their insecurities and they go to hell for causing blindness in a whole generation of youth (and I'm not talking about masturbation). It is too bad the government and influence groups are scared of a free flow of information. That is why I run Freenet.
This is the 'Silent Pimp' signing off.
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