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2004-03-23 22:14:40 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Some more updates, I'll try to keep it short. Last Wednesday (the 17th) I turned 18. That means I can now be in porn. We made a vegan chocolate cake and I have been using the left over soy milk in hot chocolates. On Friday I got a new 10 year passport (no, not from Microsoft). I love how the picture turned out; because of it I am sure to be flagged by the TSA. Also on Friday, using my birthday money, I went to the AAPL store and got some new in-ear headphones. I was a little hesitant because some people have had problems with them, but I got them at a discount (because they were used and returned, and supposedly cleaned). It turns out they work pretty well, and block out a ton of sound. I am listening to some of my recently purchased Bob Dylan music at a really low volume and it still overpowers my computer fans. Jeff T, of course, gave me a hard time when we were having lunch yesterday. He said I was an Apple whore and I should have gotten this particular brand of in-ear headphones. I asked him how much they were and he replied "$150-$200." Yeah, I'm going to buy those. Thanks Jeff. The only problem with mine is they come slightly loose when bike riding. Speaking of bike riding, I rode to True Value after school (downhill at high speed :) ) to buy a saw blade and some PVC cement. I'm going to continue making my PVC instrument Real Soon NowTM. Finally, today someone asked me how much Linux costs. Hehe, I guess he didn't realize that Linux is free and Free.
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