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2004-03-24 07:28:15 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Oops, some things I forgot to mention: On Monday I went to the Sonics season ticket holders party (in place of my mom). I spent more time doing the science things than hunting down players or cheerleaders (because it was at the science center). Tonight I'm going to the Sonics game with Travis.
Yesterday, I helped Nick Jakubik with his eagle scout project again. We went to the different work sites to film people. Before leaving the island, though, we stopped at McDonalds so Nick could get a fix for his munchies (he's "trying to bulk up for the Navy"). I had one of his Aryan chicken nuggets (100% white chicken meat) and some fries. While driving between sites, we blasted random music (well, mostly blasted bass). We listened to Hurricane by Bob Dylan with the bass turned way up, that was fun. That is all.
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