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2004-03-25 22:17:09 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Here is a Tech Eye HipTip (sorry, I just finished watching an episode of Queer Eye): If you don't want the shreds of your important documents looked at, don't use them as packing material. Eventually, you will send a package to the mom of a paranoid, Lone-Gunman-wannabe nerd who will begin piecing together credit card reciepts. Instead, use a shredder that cuts horizontally (as well as vertically) and then burn the scraps. If you must use them as packaging, then at least mix it all up so the receiver doesn't have enough pieces to build whole documents.
The last two mornings, I have woken with a cramp in my right, um, leg. Like my hamstring or something. I think my mad bicycling spree has put a lot of stress on my leg muscles. Luckily, there is no frisbee this weekend and I can't think of anything I need to do, so I'll just relax, take a hot bath, fix some computers, hack some more on the PHP scripts my brother and I are writing, and maybe, just maybe get started on my PVC instrument. Unfortunately, it has been raining the last few days and I want to build my PVC instrument outside (for the extra room, the ventilation so I don't get high on PVC cement, and as to not displace the cars in the garage).
With the eagle project and application behind me, the physics test that I dominated, and having the server work again (*knock*), I am feeling less stressed out.
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