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2004-03-30 12:14:27 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
On, I believe, Saturday, I watched three Stargate episodes in a row with my brother and mom. That is probably watching at the same rate as Jeff. I am not going to turn into a Stargate fanatic like my brother (right now he is planning his costume for the convention in July), but one thing is for sure, it is better than Enterprise :). We also ended our spree of watching movies about cross dressers and transexuals. We watched Finding Nemo, a Disney (HISS! BOO!) and Pixar (YAY!) film. While I don't like supporting Disney, at least I didn't watch it in theatres where they would have gotten a lot of money.
I have come a long way on my PVC, I tell you what. Luke and my brother helped me over the weekend, but we still have a long way to go. We are working on the bass PVC right now, so we have the frame built and four notes completed. Four notes down, 29 to go. However, we have been streamlining the process and the notes get smaller as we go. It is looking pretty good, in my biased opinion. The thing I like about it, versus some I have seen, is that it has a good mix of straightaways and crazy turns. I've seen some that are a big mass of curvy pieces and others that have almost no bends. I think ours has a good balance.
I just saw that they are opening up the Statue of Liberty this summer, grr. We were about half a year too early.
Just a reminder about the Maestro program. They released some new datasets yesterday, which you can download from my torrent site (or from the other mirrors on the official site).
I think I'm going to buy another domain soon, so keep checking back.
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