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2004-04-01 22:56:46 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Okay, I admit, Google fooled me. Google released a press release about their new Gmail e-mail service which appeared to be an April Fool's day joke because of the casualness of the text, the odd date format, and because they were giving away the amount of free service not seen since the heyday of the dot-com bubble. I once used a now long forgotten (the name slips my mind) website where you could upload three gigs of your own MP3s to stream when you were at work or on a different computer. That service was unsustainable at the time, but I guess storage space has dropped in price enough and Google has good enough ad algorithms to make this worthwhile. Anyway, many of us on /. didn't believe it. However, I became suspicious when they announced jobs at their new luna facility. It didn't feel right, this would be the first time they had two April Fools jokes in one year and Gmail wasn't as obviously fake as the others. I guess I was wrong; I am very impressed with the promises Google is making. If I didn't host my own e-mail, I'd definitely switch to Gmail. Who knows, maybe they'll use their PhDs and the massive amounts of spam they are sure to receive to come up with a new anti-spam product (subscription service for businesses?).
In other news, the progress on my PVC is slow but steady. We currently have the F, C, G, D, E, and A built (in that order). Unfortunately, the futher we progress, the slower the progress becomes because we are spending more time playing tunes and less time building :). We are finally getting enough notes to do some interesting stuff. I can't wait until we finish the sharps, which the Blue Man Group makes a lot of use of. Speaking of BMG, I saw them last night (technically, this morning) on Leno in HD. You can see the appearance at the Blue Man Library. They played I Feel Love again, but with the Diner theme continued from the music video.
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