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2004-04-14 16:33:00 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Well, not everything went as planned. Yesterday my dad was busy, so my brother and I went to California Pizza Kitchen and Home Depot. We bought thirty-some more 90 degree turn pieces. I had to drive there :(. Today I slept in late, so I was late to Frisbee practice and no one was there. So, I quickly went home, picked up my brother, and went to have sushi with my dad. The sushi was okay, which is all you can expect when it is that cheap.
A few other things I forgot to mention: I ran into Robert Monday night coming back from the Sonics game. He was in a car with Bart and some other people. They pulled up next to us (after we honked and waved), so I rolled down my window and said hi. Robert was surprised to find that it was me and asked if we wanted to race. My mom teased them by accelerating a little and they shot off :). Also, early that day, I was at Georgio's and saw Paul Allen's housekeepers (a full time job, I imagine).
I've also added some more pictures. Andrew's PVC instrument. Pictures from the Sonics game. Finally, I took a picture of my iPod in front of Paul Allen's driveway. At first I rode down over his private bridge, but I didn't take a picture of his house on that bridge because of all the scary signs and video cameras. I would not have had a very quick getaway up the hill on my bike if the security guards decided to chase me.
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