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2004-04-18 23:49:34 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Some cool stuff happening as Spring break winds down (just 24 minutes left until Monday :( ). Three days ago I finished my bass PVC. I kept having delays (running out of turn pieces and cement, having it rain on our efforts, and a brother who refuses to help me), but I finally (with some help from my dad) finished it. I got some music from Nate's PVC site and began testing it out. Fortunately, all of PVC IV can be played on one octave. The last few days I have been jamming to PVC IV, figuring out timings, and thinking about what each octave should play (once they are all finished). PVC IV rocks and it is cool being able to play it on an actual instrument (versus listening to it on the CD). I'll make a video of myself eventually.
Two days ago I went to restaurant kitchen supply store with my mom and brother. We picked up a pizza stone, which my brother and I made dinner on that night (while my parents were at Emerald Down living the high life). We tried two pizzas. The dough on the first was really hard to spread out and make it look right. I eventually spread out to enough area to make a successful pizza. We used the margarita pizza recipe, but since my brother doesn't like tomatoes (and I don't think we had any) we replaced them with pepperonis. We didn't use any sauce. The second pizza was very similar. The dough turned out better (I think the first water we mixed with the yeast was too hot (or we didn't let it sit long enough)) and my brother made me use tomato sauce on it. It turned out well, and it allowed us to leave some for our parents to try. I can't wait to make some more pizzas from our pizza recipe book. Maybe I'll have a pizza party like they did on Queer Eye.
Today I went to the Mariners game. We won. I like how baseball games are more relaxed than basketball games (they let you bring food in; it is quieter). What I didn't like is that they had two (versus one at basketball games) propaganda songs... er, excuse me, "patriotic anthems." The only other thing I didn't like about the game was that the veggie dog I bought was super tiny. Grr.
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