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2004-04-21 23:08:33 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Good stuff all around. Yesterday I built the stand for the mid range PVC. Since then, I have completed five notes! These ones go so fast, especially since the majority of their length is in the first downward stretch. The only problem (I kind of expected this) is that, since the pipes don't extrude a couple of feet along the ground for support, the thing tends to tip forward. I'll have to get some more wood to make it balance out.
My friend got a gmail account, neat! Since I don't want that one sentence to be the whole line, I'll include another anecdote relating to e-mail. Early this morning, after a tip from Jeff T, I joined the Extropy mailing list. Extropy: "Critical Thinking about the Future." It'll allow me to build up more knowledge about life extension, cryonics, mind uploading, etc. Indeed, very exciting stuff.
Finally, I got Dana Lyons's new CD, Riding the Lawn. It is signed and numbered (mine being CD #100).
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