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2004-04-29 16:44:12 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Last Saturday we had another round of frisbee games. The weather was great. We lost the first game 0-11 and lost the second 5-11, so we are making progress! The first game used the cup defense on us, which our team managed to defend against pretty well. The problem was that they didn't advance it very much and the other team had lots of players, so when the cup got tired, they would just switch them out.
It was nice in the morning on Tuesday, but by the time frisbee practice began, it was cloudy. We saw rain off in the distance and then came lightning. When the electrical storm got closer, I left practice. I am not a fan of those storms. Yesterday, however, it was a different story (as is today). It was really sunny and there was almost no wind, great weather for playing frisbee. Jeff M and I stopped at Baskin Robbins when I was taking him home because he heard they were giving out free ice cream. It didn't start until 18:00 (a half an hour after we got there), so we went home. Then I had Travis come over to show him PVC IV (since he is incapable of doing what I ask (there is a reason for him to learn it, BTW; I'll say more if anything comes of it)) and teach him how to play it on the PVC. The mid-octave PVC has only three notes left, w00t! Then we both drove to Baskin Robbins and met his mom there. We got saw Jeff and Rafi there and got our free ice cream. Travis went home to watch Smallville, so I hung around for a while with Jeff and Rafi when Chris showed up. After he got his ice cream, the four of us headed over to the Bellevue Baskin Robbins for more free ice cream (singing Bohemian Like You on the way over).
Oh, before I forget, it was WASL testing (for sophomores) this week and last, so I have very little school. Today I had my physics final. The lowest grade I can possibly get on it (if I answer 0 questions) is a 70%. On, I believe, Monday, Mr. Noble showed us a video of what happened at his house over the weekend: sheep shearing.
iTMS celebrated its one year anniversary yesterday. In the year it has been open, I have bought 99 songs (some in the form of albums). I was pleased to hear that they are giving away free songs every day this week (plus more at a less frequent rate later). Even though I might not listen to them much, they were free, so I had to download them! Today I grabbed the free Avril song (you don't have a choice in which song you get) and redeemed our sole winning Pepsi cap for Seal's Love Divine. That was close, as the Pepsi give away ends tomorrow.
That is everything interesting I can remember off the top of my head. Tonight I am going to a play about the Blues (support live theatre, screw Hollywood) and on Saturday our huge spree of steel drum performances begins with an evening gig at the middle school.
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