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2004-05-06 23:55:52 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
As of today, you are looking at... err, well, reading the website of an Eagle Scout. That is right, I had my Board of Review today, passed, and officially became Eagle. Yay!
I road my bike to school Monday through Wednesday this week, progressively getting slower, more tired, and sick feeling when I arrived in the morning. Fortunately, I had to drive today (that hurts to say). This allowed me some much needed rest. On Monday (I believe) I rode around on 84th near QFC and around the local neighborhoods. I got going pretty fast on 84th, but that was wimpy to what I would wind up doing Wedneday (semi-alliteration). I needed to print some pictures of Eagle Scout project for the board of review, so I rode my bike to Factoria. I circled the school heading towards Gallagher Hill. I began the ride down Gallagher by applying some brakes. I didn't push to hard because I felt that might make me unstable. I went down the first drop at reasonable speed. The second drop was insane, though. My braking wasn't doing much, so I thought screw this. I let go of the brakes and just winged it, holding on for my life. I picked up speed and went crazy fast. I have no idea exactly how fast it was, but I felt like I should be wearing leather in case I fell. At one point a gust of wind came and titled me a little, but it didn't last long. Man... words can't explain how (as Mr. Faix would say) INTENSE that was. Wow. Anyway, Factoria is really bicycle unfriendly, they have almost no bike racks and there is a huge f'ing road down the middle of the 'urban' area. I ate at Cucina Presto (since ours was shut down so the lot can be demolished) and printed the pictures. I got a yummy Frappuccino at Starbucks on the way home and a little boy touched my bike. Damn kids.
It is sad how lazy my life is right now. Tomorrow I'll get up, ride to school, play some steel drums, lift weights, and then go to physics. Who knows what will happen in physics; today we watched Bill-Bill-Bill Bill Nye the Science Guy. He used the Gyroscope of Science. Haha, what a good series. Anyway, back to my schedule: I'll ride home, possibly stopping at Starbucks on the way home to get a hot chocolate and mingle with the other fine people who hang out at Starbucks at 11:30 on a Friday. There are always people doing like interviews or something. Maybe I'll see some more of Paul Allen's employees and someone might even try to talk to me, Jah forbid. After that I'll come home, surf the internet for a while, maybe take a nap, maybe build my instrument, who knows.
Ooo, Saturday should be fun. We don't have frisbee that day, so that means I am completely free for the Pan Jam at the Seattle Center. We are playing at around 16:00, so come check us out. I get a free t-shirt; $tshirts++. Perhaps I'll take along my camera, put the pictures on my website, and see if it'll increase my Google rank. Oh wait, I'm already number one for "steel drum pictures" (with or without quotes) *evil grin*.
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