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2004-05-11 00:05:05 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Hello. On Satuday I went to the Pan Jam at Seattle Center. I enjoyed it, but I don't think many of my classmates did. It was interesting how many songs the different bands play in common; I guess the selection of pan music isn't very large. Another band was nice enough to help us move pans and lend us some of their kitchen (various percussion) when we realized we left ours at home. I was near the front on the left side of the stage (from my viewpoint). Unfortunately, I couldn't see nor hear the other basses, making it difficult to play Fire Down Below (a long song with lots of complicated parts). Speaking of Fire Down Below, the majority of the class doesn't like it, but it is one of my favorites because it is most like the songs I heard in Trinidad.
After returning the pans to school, Nick Jakubik and I went to 24 hour fitness to play some racquetball. We stopped at my house so I could change and then went to Nick's house in Mordor to switch to his beater/souped-up (sort of a paradox) Volvo. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and I had a veggie enchilada. We never got around to playing racquetball (they didn't have rackets), so we lifted weights and went on the elliptical machine. I did a bunch of reps (with respectable rests in between) of this arm excerise with free weights and damn, I haven't felt this sore in a while. I am still a little sore now. There really is something to be said about free weights versus machines. In this case, not just the arm hurt, but lots of muscles nearby. Along the same line of thought, I got some protein supplement powder today. I need to increase my bench in order to get an improvement grade for weight training class. Also, my biking gets progressively slower throughout the week as I become tired. Hopefully this extra protein will help me both recover faster and lift more. With my recent veggie/vegan tendencies, I don't think I was getting enough protein. It kind of makes me nervous, though, because the nutritional/supplement market seems very sleazy. Some of the products look like the stuff you see advertised in cheapo TV commercials and spam. Because of this, I'll keep a close eye on whether the extra protein actually helps or not.
Ahahaha... hehe... ahahahaha!!!!111oneone. Today was the "Day of Service" *salutes flag* at my high school. I didn't go because my college classes overlap with it... yeah, that it's it. On my way to class, I saw two groups working in the rain within 1.3 kilometers of my house. I did go last year, BTW. IIRC, the weather was great last year. I sat in the downstairs of Crest erasing stray marks from standardized test booklets, watching Jerry Springer, and eating all the staff's chips and dip. Good times.
Note to self: Make sure CPE works before attempting onsite installation. Yeah, that was definitely my own fault. As you may know, I am infamous for my amazing ethernet crimping skills (well, at least infamous in my head).
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