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2004-05-14 19:15:58 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Yesterday I began construction of the high octave PVC. I built the frame and designed (but not glued) five notes. It is really fast construction because all the notes are so short. I use straight connector pieces as supports so the tubes don't fall through the holes (since they are no longer resting on the ground). I couldn't build all of them yesterday because I needed some more of those connectors. Tuesday is the audition, so I talked to Mrs. Edwards today to get the details and permission to submit a video tape (since our instruments are huge).
Today we had assemblies (class elections for the other grades, graduation stuff for seniors + a large senior picture). I played cards during the assembly. After school, I spent a few minutes debating whether I should go home and drive to Bellevue or ride my bike. I needed to be back at school in time to sign up for the bus to the senior party, but I decided to risk it and go for the bike ride. I drove down Gallagher again, which was much less scary. I wasn't sure how to get to Bellevue, so I followed a bike path which wasn't the most efficient method (as I later learned). After getting pissed off at riding on the sidewalks (I was riding there because the road has a semi-high speed limit), I waited for a break in the traffic and switched to the road. I continued past the mall to Wendy's where, after circling for a place to lock my bike, I ate lunch. I then backtracked a few blocks and headed down a road that crosses the freeway. It was crazy driving on the overpass (despite the fact it has many lanes and is large) because parts of the pavement were all worn off in antici... pation of repaving, I had to ride in one of the middle lanes because the right lanes went to the freeway, and because there was lots of construction going on. I successfully made it across and saw a white H2, I didn't bird it because there were too many cars around and I was focusing on riding. On my way back, I forgot to find the H2 dealship so I could drive by, birding it the whole way. Anyway, I went to Home Depot and became one of the few, the proud, that ride a bike to a hardware store. I was about to lock my bike up to cart return thing, when an employee told me they had a bike rike behind some pillars. I went to them and didn't see it. I looked and looked, walking around, and finally found it behind a huge display of potted flowers and plants. Thanks Home Depot, I appreciate the support you give to us green folks </sarcasm>. I bought the five connectors I needed and headed out. It took me about 35 minutes to get back to school, including climbing the dreaded Gallagher hill. When I was nearing the top, I saw a number of students driving around and some people yelled at me (to get my attention, not insults or anything). In hindsight, that may have been the signal that lunch had just begun (seeing teenagers in cars). Upon turning left at the top of the hill, Dana said hi to me from her car. I then bicycled to my usual parking spot and was happily surprised to see lunch still in session. I signed up for the busses, then talked with Mikey for a little while. We headed outside to play frisbee with Kenneth. I didn't realize he meant in the courtyard, with all the people around, on cement, so, after a few tosses, I said my goodbyes and headed home. Of course, I stopped at Starbucks on the way home for a refreshing beverage.
This afternoon Mikey sent me an invitation to Gmail (thanks Mikey!) and I signed up. It won't be my main mail, but I did want to try it out (and reserve my name). I've known for a while that I should add some contact information to my website (some people have had trouble, many more have probably had trouble and never were able to contact me). Now that I have Gmail, I can let Google deal with all the spam I am sure I will receive by posting an e-mail address on the internet. So, if you want to contact me, e-mail me: adpowers@gmail.com. I am now uber. Maybe I'll use this account for reading the Freenet Devel list, as Gmane no longer remembers what messages I have read. Plus, it will allow me to quickly test out the conversation features. My first invitation will be going to Travis, so I can finally get him off Hotmail. Any future invitations will be traded for sexual favors (having nerdy connections pays off). Now I will probably go work on my instrument, as I have been a bad boy and not worked on it all day. I think I'm going to try to improve the reed on my drumbone first (because cardboard sounds like crap). See ya later.
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