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2004-05-18 22:47:55 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Hmm, this may be long, we'll see. After three attempts, the CMU face detection thing finally tested my submitted photos and sent me the results. The first one is a picture of Jeff in the Astor and I was surprised it found the blurry guy in the background. The second picture included a Blue Man, which it recognized, but also has a false positive on some tubes.
This Gmail is really cool. The conversation grouping doesn't pick up everything, but usually works pretty well. I submitted a request for having extra features when working with a mailing list that gives the x-list headers (I think that is what they are). One weird thing, though, all of today it has been saying I have 1000000 MB of free space instead of the usually 1000. Hey, if they want to give me a terabyte of e-mail, who am I to complain? But yeah, I'm glad I got this so I could feel safe posting my e-mail to the web. I was surprised at how many things I've gotten so far. In the four days since posting my address, I've received one Nigerian spam, one random request from someone looking to score a Gmail account :), and one online friend looking for help with PHP. I wonder what I missed in the long time before I posted my address. I am amazed at how fast Gmail is, though. My Squirrelmail account crawls because of all the e-mails I have in it (maybe 300-400 megs). Gmail flys (it is fast even considering that it contains only a few e-mails). I imagine they have to store all the messages in RAM (well, at least a RAM drive) since they give you previews of the messages and allow you to search the bodies at high speed. Very impressive I must say, mad props to Google.
Yesterday was good, today sucked. Yesterday I rode my bike to BCC, but overestimated the time it would take and I ended up sitting around for 40 minutes rolling my dreads. After that I went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned. I like going to the dentist, as long as they don't pull teeth. Unfortunately, I saw my arch nemesis outside the dentist office and then again not 20 minutes later back on the island where I parked my car. Stalker? Anyway, I headed home and met up with friends to practice Drumbone and PVC IV for our audition video. We decided to drop PVC IV since we had to film the video that night (and it was only our second day of practice), but we recorded Drumbone and it rocked. We did all this with minimal pissing off of neighbors (hey, man I put up with your guys' crap all year, with dogs, parties, mowing your lawn early on the weekends, etc. give me a fucking break once, okay?). Actually, one neighbor seemed to enjoy it and they gave requests. Surprisingly, no one requested Freebird :). It was good to get that wrapped up and off my radar. Now we just have to see if we made it. Oh, BTW, we played on my new and improved drumbone. I'll get video up in a few days (hopefully). Today I missed steel drum because I accidently slept in. This made me depressed the whole morning. Fortunately, racing past cars stuck in traffic on the way to frisbee made me happy, as did frisbee itself. The BCC ride of yesterday really wore me out, as I was a lot slower than normal and my legs just couldn't cut it. Time to go drink some protein I guess :). Actually, my mom made a good Chinese dish the other day that I just call 'protein' ("I ate the leftover protein for lunch today"). It consisted of tofu pieces and soy beans. That is all I can remember off the top of my head. I guess I won't be getting to bed before 23:00 tonight :(. Oh well, 'night.
Oh shit, I almost forgot. Actually, I did, but I remembered within the 12-24 hours I give myself to correct these things. Anyway, the 41st Mersenne prime was discovered by GIMPS a few days ago. I was very surprised because it is soon after M40 was discovered. Lots of new members joined us for M40, and I'm hoping even more will join us now.
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