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2004-05-26 01:26:41 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I am up later than I would like to be, but it hopefully won't be a problem because of my long nap today. Well, we lost the staff versus student frisbee game on Friday. Go figure :). The final score was, I believe, four to eight. The turnout was terrible, though, both on the teacher's side and the student's. We had a little potluck after the game. Mikey brought his infamous chicken and I brought some banana mini-muffins that I made earlier that day at home. The muffins seemed to be popular, but I still probably ended up eating the most (they are healthy and tasty).
Saturday was prom, but I didn't go. In the afternoon I went over to Hallie's house while her and Cat were preparing for their concert that night. We watched Rocky Horror. I left just before 19:00, but came back about three hours later because their concert was canceled. We ended up playing board and card games while Dude! Where's My Car was playing on the TV. We played Battle of the Sexes, which turned out to be a pretty fair match. I got all the cooking questions while they got all the beer questions, so it all evened out :). After hearing the prom stories, I'm glad I didn't go. Getting wasted in a hotel room and dry humped by a horny, drunk SG isn't my idea of a good time.
Sunday was real lazy on my part. My mom, brother, and myself watched an episode of Stargate and three episodes of 24. They went to see a movie at the film festival, so I was on my own for dinner. I wanted to make a pizza so I could try out our new breadmaker, but it was 20:30 before I looked at the instructions and it takes 1:30 to make the dough. I am looking forward to using it, though.
Monday was senior skip day, but I didn't hear about it until two thirds of the way through my day. Oh well, I wouldn't have skipped anyway. After high school I rode my bike to BCC, watched a few Psych videos after class, and then headed back to fix Hallie's computer. It was mostly a matter of uninstalling a couple of programs from Claria, I mean Gator, I mean Spyware, Inc. and then running AdAware. I also gave her a little tour of Phoenix, I mean FireBird, I mean FireFox. Unfortunately, the unthinkable happened and when I was about to leave, I realized I had a flat. That night Travis invited me to a 'BBQ.' We had a little bit of trouble, but eventually arrived an hour late. It wasn't as much a BBQ as people hanging out eating pizza (actually most pizza had already been eaten). This is where I heard the prom stories. I split a slice of pizza with Travis (I had given up on going to the BBQ, so I had already had dinner). More people slowly arrived and when it got dark we started a fire. It was a fairly random group, but everyone seemed to mesh well.
Today I managed to get up for school (unlike last Tuesday) and enjoyed what was apparently my last steel drum block. I had to ride my old bike because I was too lazy/busy to try and fix the flat tire. It was hell riding that thing; I miss my Trek. I also wore sweatpants to school, the first time since probably elementary school (well, outside of weight training). You know what, screw it, I'm graduating in a few weeks, I don't need to look good for anyone, why do I even still shower? One of the reasons I wore the pants was so I could workout after school without changing. I did a few arm exercises, but the main reason for going was to get some cardio. I did Gluteal 2 on an elliptical machine for 20 minutes (because you all care so much :) ). I was hungry, so I grabbed a 30.5 cm fajita sub from Georgio's. I noticed the Hubbard Club special was replaced by a new pizza sandwich (I wasn't the only one to notice). Anyway, I'll have to try that next time (wow, writing this feels like I'm on a LiveJournal, I apologize). I went home, did some stuff on the computer, turned it off (*gasp*), and passed out. I ended up sleeping for three hours. It was one of the best naps I have taken in a while, but I still woke up groggy. I imagine that is because I woke up near one of the nadirs of my circadian rhythm. Anyway, then I headed to Gregg's to buy some tools and parts for my bicycle. I came home and tried to fix my tire, but I royally fucked it up while trying to put the outside layer on. It is really tight and hard to get onto the rim, and I ended up puncturing the inner tube in my efforts. I put about three massive holes in that tube. Damnit. I tried using the replacement inner tube they sold me, but it was the wrong size. Now I'll have to go return it tomorrow and get a couple in the correct size. Another day of the old bike, this sucks.
A little random Google news. Today I got my second Gmail spam. Two in eleven days... well, it is still better than prattboy. Also, I am the fifth result for pan jam on Google. Bam! I rock.
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