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2004-05-28 00:14:26 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Ack, how could I forget? Yesterday, after eating lunch and fixing my bike, I played DDR for an hour. I hadn't played in at least six months, but the slashdot article about DDR reminded me of how fun it is. I pulled the pad out from under my bed and loaded Stepmania. I played for the whole hour straight and, despite my haitus, managed to rack up some new high scores. The weight I've lost and improved leg muscles makes it that much easier.
This past week my hair has become more aromatic. Maybe it is because I haven't washed it in at least a month. It smells very unique, so I can't describe it. It doesn't smell like the beeswax or salt that comprises it, but it doesn't smell bad. It is, in my opinion, a comforting smell, like an old friend. Also, I ran out of salt solution, so I need to buy some sea salts to dissolve and spray in it. Anyway, today Travis told me something about the time I met some of the Houstin Rockets (see this post). He wasn't there, but he heard from his mom who heard from CC who heard from the trainer of the Houstin Rockets that the players were talking about my hair on the ride to the airport in their bus ("Hey, did you see the guy with the dreadlocks? Those were neat."). However, with that many levels of abstraction, you have to take it with the amount of salt found in one of my average sized dreads. But hey, a girl can dream; it would be cool if they were actually talking about my hair. Take that Colpepper and Agnew (you dreadphobes).
I just got the latest USE e-mail update. I learned that they will be playing at Bumbershoot with the Presidents of the United States of America and another band. Yay! Two of my favorite bands playing in what appears to be the same show.
Hallie told me I talk about food a lot on here. Well, what can I say? I love food. Today we tested our new breadmaker and it made some really nice dough. We made two pizzas and we even had a little bit of dough left over. The first one was my famous spicy chicken (with hints of Chinese flavor) and the second was a delicious Hawaiian with oregano and parmesan. I should change my name to Wolfgang Andrew :). Tomorrow I'm going with Hallie (and some of her friends) to the Folklife festival. Afterwards we might hang out with Travis and some other people, so she can meet my friends. I'm listening to Ride the Lawn right now, another great CD from Dana Lyons. I bought it without ever hearing it... now that is trust. See ya.
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