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2004-06-08 12:06:43 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Picture of police car that [underage Mercer Island student] is likely in. This picture was taken by Arnold Kim at approximately 10:20 this morning. While there is normally a police car at school, there aren't usually vans and dogs. At 10:14, I was sitting in Physics playing lowlife with five other people when the room got quieter. I thought the noise change sounded a little odd, so I looked up to see AB being handcuffed by two police officers. The grabbed his bag and led him out of the classroom. The room was silent for a second as everyone looked at each other, and then nearly everyone burst out laughing. I didn't, however, because I don't think someone's life should be ruined for drug charges, but that is a different story. Anyway, about a minute later a cop came in with his bag and told us that everything is okay and there is no security threat. That seemed kind of obvious, I didn't expect it was a security issue. Mr. Noble then said, "Well, that was a non-trivial event." Most of my table folded from the card game (including me) because it was too hard to concentrate. It is funny, though, because apparently (I didn't witness this) about two days ago AB was bragging to his whole class in an oral report(!) that he got away with a lot of cheating (like companies or something) and his friends really enjoy his 'baked goods.' Looks like his hubris finally caught up with him. John Dixon (I believe) told everyone to tell the most ridiculous rumors they could invent about the event and even Mr. Noble helped in the crafting. He wasn't the only one to be taken out in handcuffs, though. Apparently (I didn't witness this either), a girl named [underage Mercer Island student] (the one from my steel drum class last year?) and a freshman named [underage Mercer Island student] were also taken away. There were reports of drug sniffing dogs, but I didn't see them. Walking around the halls after class, I was amazed at how fast the information was spreading. That sucks for AB… just two days before graduation, but I guess he had it coming. Anyway, it was indeed an interesting day at school.
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