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2004-06-16 03:19:30 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
It has been a long time, so I'll try to keep each item short. On 2004-05-28 I went to Folklife with Hallie and Laura. For a while we met up with Nick, Jake, and Russell (I can't remember everyone's last name (or spell for that matter), so I'm not going to try). There were lots of interesting people there, from juggalos to punks and from hippies to goths. Lots of interesting smells as well, including marihuana (the spelling used in Reefer Madness). We spent a lot of time exploring the booths and I had African food for dinner. Laura left before dinner, so Hallie and I checked out Easy Street Records nearby. I bought the USE CD and browsed the t-shirts. We then went home and watched Kill Bill.
The next day my family and Jeff T went to see NASCAR 3D at the IMAX theatre (meaning we had to traverse folklife). While I don't like the 'sport' much (and disagree with its main objective... burning fossil fuels), I do appreciate the design and power of the engines as well as the behind the scenes operations that run these events (one megadollar of tires used over the course of a weekend!). After the movie Jeff T and I went to try Qdoba (there is no 'u' after that 'q!'). It was pretty good, but Jeff T said he tasted MSG in our dipping sauce, which isn't good. We had dessert as Dairy Queen.
On Sunday Hallie and I got up early to get to Folklife to see Dana Lyons perform. It was a rotation with other musicians, so he didn't get to play the full time, but he did play Ride the Lawn, My Country, Cows with Guns, Lubricate the Red, White, and Blue, and Turn of the Wrench. After that we met up with Jake and friends to finger paint. I just did a little bit of work on scraps of cardboard, but the other people were really good. We saw Dana Lyons again later, but he repeated Lubricate the Red, White, and Blue. Before we left I bought some tasty vegan donuts. Hallie and I both got sunburnt.
The next weekend I practiced my sticking so I could perform Drumbone at the assembly. I also did my Pyschology final. Monday night all I dreamt about was the upcoming assembly and they were all nightmares of things going wrong (actually, it never got to the point of us actually playing). On Tuesday seven people on the island were arrested for drug charges, as I mentioned in my last post (well, I've learned more details since then). The four people arrested in high school were expelled, yet the two seniors will still get their diplomas. That evening we had a steel drum concert where we performed one song, Fire Down Below. On Wednesday I skipped first period in order to practice, but Austin couldn't make it. I went to weight training and physics. I waited at Luke's house until I had to leave for the Pysch final. Fortunately, it was easier and shorter than I thought it would be, allowing me to return quickly. We all began converging on Luke's house and I helped him move drum stuff to the gym. My dad arrived with another set of blue gloves and then he started helping us apply makeup (actually, he did most of the work). We finished about five minutes before the assembly started (fortunately we weren't the first act), so we snuck in the back of the school. You can see the video of our drumbone performance in the senior assembly. It went well, in my opinion. None of us cracked under the pressure :). Thursday was graduation and after that the senior party. Friday was sleeping during school hours and then relaxing in the evening. On Saturday I went to another steel drum gig (despite the fact that I graduated). We played at the north end of the island near a bike trail. It was just a small group of us and, since it was on the island, I rode my bike. I got a little sunburnt again that day. We didn't have to unload the truck, because we had a gig on Sunday as well. We played for the Seattle Yacht Club. The people requested Margaritaville and Tequila, to give you an idea of their mindset. After the gig they gave us the left over food (which was delicious). We sat around telling stories while eating and Habs had some good ones. I rode with Elliot on the way to the gig and he was playing (a little too loudly for my taste) Modest Mouse on the stereo. I know because I asked him the band name. I listened to them again on iTunes and I think I'm going to buy the CD because they are pretty good. Today I went to the opening of the SciFi musuem in Seattle, which I may decide to talk about later. Now I sleep.
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