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2002-01-14 17:45:25 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I have tried getting Perl to work like three times already. Well, over the weekend and today, whenever I have had free time, I have been writing scipts, debugging scripts, restarting apache, and I have finally got everything working. So, as you may notice the address bar says index.pl, that means it is a perl scipt. Yes, my website is now dynamic with a mySQL backend. Also, as I already mentioned in my last past, PHP is installed on my server, which allows you to access the bulletin board. I encourage you to post there with comments, questions, whatever. You do need to register, but your e-mail is only used to send you your password in case you forgot it. If you find any problems (you very well may, because I haven't thoroughly tested everything), then please e-mail me.
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