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2004-06-16 12:48:23 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Oh yes, I have some Gmail news. On the 8th I got three invitiations to Gmail. I invited 27 from Vegas, my brother, and Steffen from steel drum. I e-mailed the guy who e-mailed out of the blue looking for an account, but he never sent me a response. Then, I got three more invitations on, I believe, Monday! Not only that, but my brother got the invites as well (even though his account was a week old). I wonder if they will be giving out invitiations on a weekly basis now. They must be nearing production.
Sicne it is beta, I've decided to do a little testing to see what happens with huge conversations. There are six of us in a little group that have a long running thread, although only three of us are really active. Everytime we send a message, we hit reply all. The conversation has reached 76 messages and there are a crazy number of carrots ('>') near the bottom. It is beginning to increase my used space at a large rate, since the messages grow every time. It is almost like a little chat room. If you are a Gmail user that wants to be included in the discussion, send me an e-mail from your Gmail account.
Finally, I've gotten five spams in the little over a month I've had Gmail. One got through and there have been no false positives. I just changed my slashdot signature to my address, though, so I wonder if that will change.
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