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2004-06-19 11:49:10 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Hey. I forgot to mention. A few weeks ago I had my Eagle Court of Honor. It went pretty well, the biggest problem was I wasn't notified of the speech I had to give, so I had to write a speech in the 45 minutes before the event started.
On Tuesday I went to a sneak peek of the new Science Fiction Museum in Seattle. The next day /. posted a review of the place. I quickly added my comments and thoughts. Yesterday we went to a presentation by the author of, and about, The Physics of Star Trek. I dusted off my old Star Trek: Voyager shirt which I hadn't worn or washed since middle school. Lets say it has an interesting smell.
Yesterday my mom informed me that there was a U.S.E. concert in a park downtown on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately they didn't mention it in their e-mail list, so I guess I'll have to wait until the Capitol Hill Block Party to see them (and then again at Bumbershoot).
I also picked up the new Modest Mouse CD from Easy Street Records. This CD rocks! They are a local band as well, hailing from Issaquah. Issaquah is pretty famous now, what with having Nullsoft birthed there and the guy who discovered M41 living there. The CD was supposed to come with a t-shirt, but unfortunately they were all out.
Finally, I got five more Gmail invites yesterday, bringing my running total to 16. I quickly gave these out to the top of a queue of people that e-mailed me in response to one of my /. comments.
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