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2004-06-21 03:04:23 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Well, last night I got six invites. Tonight I got another six invites. Geez, Google is really ramping up service. This brings my total invites to 34. I'm almost done inviting the queue of people that contacted me after my slashdot post. Also, our Gmail Test thread is up to 219 comments.
Hey, interesting coincidence. Last Thursday I went to the gym to work out. So ,I was laying there listening to the U.S.E. CD on my iPod when Travis and Thomas walked by in the hallway. They didn't see me, so I ran after them before they got to the bathroom. We ended up working out together and I spent more time there than I would have otherwise. My arms are still slightly sore from the workout.
Along the same lines, but even more interesting: Today Travis, Lauren, and I left a party to go eat at Mini's in Seattle. I didn't realize it until we arrived, but I had been there before. I hadn't eaten there before, though, because it was too smoky for me. The three of us were talking and I am looking around the room when I do a double take of the table next to us. I turn to Travis and tell him that guy looks familiar. I tell Travis he should ask him if he went to our high school. We look over and he looks at us, so now we are hooked. Luckily, Travis asks him. He pauses for a moment and seems kind of confused, so I got scared, but fortunately he is like yeah, stands up, and walks toward me. I introduce myself and his name is Ben Chester. Now I am sure it is that guy. After talking for a minute or two we come to the conclusion that we now each other from my original Boy Scout troop. Travis is talking with him as well, and Ben says he goes to Western, which is where Travis is going. They talk a little about that and Ben goes back to his table. I thought it was really neat because I hadn't thought about him in years, but I was able to instantly recognize a familiar face and with a little bit of help, remember where I met him. That right there shows you the power of the human brain. Incredible. Travis and I end up splitting a tall stack of cheddar cheese pancakes (with butter and syrup), but it ends up to be way to much and both of us end up full. It was surprisingly good, though (and cheap). Andrew.
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