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2004-06-23 00:50:34 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Another six invites, bringing the total to 40. At this rate, it will only take a day or two to finish off the queue (since I only have six addresses left). Gmail seemed to be having trouble the other day, but it is all smoothed out now. A number of people who I invited were unable to login for a while, though. Also, at the Apple store yesterday I saw on the computer that someone didn't log completely off Hotmail (or Hotmail is really insecure). Either way, I saw their inbox was full to the brim. I made a note of their address and e-mailed them last night asking if they would like an invite. The message bounced because they didn't have enough space. I sent another one today and have yet to receive a response or bounce.
I've been out of high school for a week.5 and have already been to a reunion. Today I went to my kindergarten reunion. A few of the kids moved away and a few were unable to make it, but it had a pretty good turnout (lots of parents as well). The teacher, Mrs. deKlaver, looked nearly exactly the same. She has a very similar haircut (the exact same length), but is darker (tanned) and is wearing modern clothes. Surprisingly, she was able to recognize everyone. I looked at the pictures and in some of them I had pants that resembled those of McHammer's backup dancers. We had a picnic at the beach club, but were unable to see Mt. Rainier (due to smog). Many pictures were taken. I couldn't remember much of what we did that year, but a lot came back to me listening to other people talk. We used to sing "Four Hugs a Day" and once we had a Pizza-Pajama-Pillow Party where we came in after school (a big deal at the time) to have a party. I had a good time. People were already planning the next reunion. Apparently, it will be in four years (so, when we are done with college) at the Roanoke (a local bar).
Yesterday, after eating at Qdoba with Jeff T, we stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up some sea salt. I made a solution (of unknown molarity) with the salt. It was poured into the spray bottle and much was applied to my hair. I put some more on after coming home before putting my hair sleeping device on. Hopefully it will help lock up the ones that are coming loose and prevent frizzies.
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