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2004-06-28 00:55:19 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Blah. I've gotten no more Gmail invites recently. Lame. In order to see how Gmail handles with lots of data and e-mails, I wrote a series of shell scripts to send large (165 kilobytes of text) e-mails to my account. The original script sent the e-mails to my local SMTP server to then forward onto Google's SMTP server, but (as you can see in my mail graph's spike) that caused a large spike of unnecessary traffic. I changed it to use Google's SMTP servers, but then it didn't work, so I found out what was wrong and was able to send them directly.
In other news, I went to Capitol Hill ("We love it!" (sorry, I have U.S.E's Emerald City [MP3] stuck in my head)) with Hallie, Nick, and Jake. We took the bus downtown and walked up the hill. There were rainbows everywhere, since it was the day before the Gay Pride March. We checked out a number of interesting stores including one of Hallie's favorites named Metro. We also went to a very aromatic herb/spice store on Nick's quest for a job. Up until this day Capitol Hill was off my radar, but after exploring it and learning that it is Seattle's densest neighborhood, it is now among my favorite neighborhoods (along with Belltown and to a lesser extent Freemont). I had a great time and I hope to return before the Capitol Hill Block Party.
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