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2004-06-30 01:53:52 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Hmm, got another Gmail invite today. Did one expire or are they slowly ramping up invites again? They shouldn't do it too fast, though, because Gmail is having lots of scaling problems, it seems. I had lots of trouble loading the Gmail Test conversation (which now has 366 messages) and then later this evening I couldn't load Gmail at all. Crazy.
In other webmail news, I just upgrade Squirrelmail to version 1.4.3a, my first upgrade in over a year. Lets hope it works well, because it was a little bumpy upgrading. Some parts seem faster (like the options menu, but maybe that is the placebo effect). I think it would be cool if they added some GMail like javascript (like for collapsing folders on the left side), but apparently they are sticking with straight HTML (what I read in the config script).
Today Hallie, Nick, Hannah, and I played Clue (I won as Mr. Green) and went to Luther Burbank park to swim in the lake. It was the first time my hair really got wet in two months. In the car ride to lunch, I was twirling the base of my dreads and the nastiest shit you have ever seen from hair came out. I can't explain the texture, it was unique, but it smelled very strong (like my normal hair times 100). It was some weird mixture of wax, salt, lake water, and a two month buildup of dandruff. I'm planning on washing my hair for real tomorrow (well, today).
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