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2004-07-01 02:29:41 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Oh shit! It's already July. Anyway, I noticed that all currently displayed news items (when I wrote this) start out by talking about Gmail, well no more of that... damn! Well, since I accidently continued the Gmail streak, I might as well say something. Gmail has been performing like crap the last few days. It is always timing out, preventing me from logging in, or not accepting posts to the Gmail Test thread (now at 388 posts, with a few from Jeff T as well!).
I, for the first time in two months, washed my hair today. It took a long time and now my scalp is a little sensitive (it no longer has its protective layer of dandruff). However, it is frizzy and therefore knots with itself easily. I've been able to get rid of a lot of loop anomalies that made the dreads look funny and uneven. I'll probably spray them with salt in a few days to help them lock in the position I want. I've even stopped replacing rubber bands because the ends of the dreads are sufficiently locked. My hair is looking good and sexy. I can't wait to show it off at the Vegas fan meet! Less than two months away!
Travis asked me to go see Michael Moore's "Celsius -17.3232323" with him, but I politely refused because Moore is a douche. Of all movies to see in the theatre, that would be near the bottom of my list. I don't even know if I would watch it at a party if it was free to me (it would only be free if my time was worth nothing ;) ).
I was in *shudder* QFC the other day and I discovered the organic section. Very cool. I picked up a quart of organic, vegan, chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Turtle Mountain. This stuff is really good and relatively healthy. It doesn't taste as good Häagen-Dazs (which, BTW, is a pain in the ass to find in Google; you think they would know what I'm looking for when I type Hagen-das and give me a recommendation, but no), but it still tastes really good and it doesn't leave the guilt of other ice creams. Here is a quick nutritional comparison: kilocalories: 150 vs 360; fat (saturated): 5g (0g) vs 25g (11g); cholesterol: 0% vs 33%; and sugar: 12g vs 24g. As you can see, it is much heathier... much (both serving sizes were 0.5 cups). I'd suggest you look for Soy Delicious next time you are at the store.
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