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2004-07-09 02:45:00 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I'd like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey of iPod stories (name that reference). First of all, I've noticed they are real popular in the gym where I workout, especially so in the cardio room (the eliptical/bike room, versus weight room). One day I was in there and 4 out of the 7 people (including me) were using iPods. I find listening to U.S.E. really helps when 'running' on the eliptical machine, because most of the songs are around 140 bpm and have a steady four on the floor. My favorite song for exercising is Open Your Eyes [MP3] because it usually occurs in the middle of my regime (so I'm energized, but not tired) and for some reason just gets me to give it my all. In my eNews for Education e-mail from Apple, they mentioned the new Cram and Jam promotion. For educational purchases, you can get a $200 rebate when you purchase most laptops with a 3G iPod (not the iPod Mini). This is great timing because I was planning on getting a 12" PowerBook Real Soon NowTM. It'll be nice to get my very own Mac, my very own laptop, and a chance to play with two Macs on a local network (Rendezvous, here I come). Plus, I think my brother might want an iPod.
I've seen a lot of my fellow steel drummers outside of school since it ended. If I recall correctly, I have seen eight people from that class (I just saw Campos today). That is about 1/3 of the class! Meanwhile I have seen no one (outside of my friends) from weight training and only a few people from physics.
Finally, I'd like to share some finds from the Extropy mailing list. First, the Matrix is real in one lab. It is really fascinating what they are doing. They have a small culture of neurons on a grid of electrodes which has outputs to a computer and inputs back from it. The output enters the computer and controls an "Animat" in a software program that has to navigate an environment. The input comes from the Animat in the computer and is fed back into the culture. In essence, this culture of rat brain is living in its own Matrix. Also, here is a good read about the future of agriculture and other good stuff. It talks about how the population is going to level off around 9 billion people (don't believe the 20 billion by 2050 the stupid environmentalists claim), how to feed all the people while decreasing agriculture space, how suburbia is not too sprawled but rather too dense, and increasing the standard of living for everyone. I had a summary written up in one of my Gmail threads, but it keeps timing out, so I'm doing my best to remember the article (which I read a while ago).
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