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2004-07-12 01:11:24 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Yay! Apple just sold the 100 millionth iTunes song a few hours ago. I hadn't gone to the counter for a few days, so I decided to check it out around 22:20. It was about 99.992 million at that point, so I thought it would update at least once more before rolling over. I went to the PowerBook, updated the credit card information, and checked out apple.com just in time to see it switch to 100 million... darn. Oh well, I bought a song anyway.
On Friday I applied for a part-time web designer job for someone at the University of Washington. Yesterday, I went to the Battle of the Bands with Hallie and Hannah. Unfortunately, I arrived in the middle of Random Fact's set, only getting to hear two of their songs. We stayed for Gestalt (which stars Luke!) before walking around the park. We found some ripe blackberries and I ate a whole bunch. I used Hallie's umbrella to reach the ripe ones way in the back. We occasionally headed back to watch more bands, but we could hear them from most of the park we visited. We went back near the end and chatted with Mikey for a while. The One Inch One-ders played, but I wasn't too big a fan of them. They reminded me of Blink-182. Finally, Luke played again in the band Groundless (I believe that was the name). They were pretty good. During one song they all switched instruments and Luke sang lead vocals. In one song the guitarist played with his teeth. I thought they would win for sure. Random Fact came in third, but neither of Luke's bands placed. WTF? Also of note, I saw three more unique steel drummers (and two I had seen before), bringing my total to 11 since school ended. That is nearly half the class.
Today, I was blessed to wake up to a Starbucks hot chocolate and "giraffe turds" (what my brother calls these little banana or apple muffins we make (with lots of oats as well)). They are really good. After watching some TV with the family, I headed to the gym to workout. I didn't realize how little time I had, though, so I was only able to lift a few weights (I had like 15 minutes). Then I rode my bike to a park on the north end to go watch some live music (Dance Factory - warning! very scary website). I had plenty of time because the sound check took a while. I walked down the street looking at the vendors. The ones closest to the park were mostly food and souvenirs. They became less product-oriented at the far end, including the democratic, GOP, "Jews for Jesus", Baha'i, and DARE (anti-drug) stands. I headed back, seeing my brother on the way. I said hi to him, grabbed a cookie, continued back to the stage, and then listened to their whole set. I headed home on my bike and had reached the highest point of my journey when a car in the left lane whizzed by and honked. I looked at them as they pointed toward the sidewalk, telling me to get over. As a bicyclist doing nothing wrong (bicycles are supposed to be on the roads) I was offended by their callous actions toward their greener little cousin. In response, I birded them for about 30 seconds while they zoomed down the road. Most people don't give me problems when I ride my bike, but there are always sour apples.
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