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2004-07-13 03:44:23 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Today I woke up at 11:00 and learned my brother and mom we having lunch downtown. I got myself invited and started getting ready. We met my mom at on the lid (above the freeway) so she could drive us into town and park in her garage. As we were getting onto the collector divider, I saw a sign that said { FIRST 10 DIGIT PRIME IN CONSECUTIVE DIGITS OF E }.com, which got me really excited. They were discussing this very advertisement on the Mersenne mailing list yesterday and today. Apparently it is in other cities as well, like Silicon Valley (of course). If you go to the answer, you find another puzzle that directs you to Linux.org. You use the answer to that puzzle as the password for account Bobsyouruncle and, when answered correctly, it'll take you to a page on Google to apply for a job in the Google Labs. It is a very neat recruiting technique, but people, of course, quickly discussed it on the internet, ruining the challenge. Anyway, for lunch I had a Tofu and Mushroom Teriyaki wrap with a fruit smoothie (my brother had the same smoothie). Then, I was happily surprised to learn we were heading to the new Seattle library. It wasn't as confusing inside as I was lead to believe, it is a really neat design. It kind of reminds me of an Apple store (it even has the same smell). It looks deceptively small from the outside, but the inside is huge! Also, there are a ton of computers spread throughout the building. For dinner tonight my mom, dad, Hallie, and I made calzones. They were very filling and delicious. You can fit a huge amount of filling in each calzone. The first one had red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and some sausage. The sausage in that, and a few pieces I had separately, was the only meat I ate for the day (aka, not much). The second was canadian veggie bacon and pineapple... also good. The third was like the first, except with veggie pepperonis instead of sausage. The last one was saved for Jeff, having veggie pepperonis and canadian bacon, onions, a little bit of mushrooms, and one square each of red and green peppers. That was my day.
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