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2004-07-18 00:51:40 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Earlier this week my vegan dessert cookbook arrived. I wanted to make something from it soon, so on Wednesday I went on some errands. I first visited the Apple store to ask about jobs, but I doubt I'll be able to get hired there; they have tons of applicants for every position. Although, speaking of the beleaguered Apple, they had their quarterly conference call on Wednesday. After reporting tripled profits (and sales of 860,000 iPods), the stock jumped nearly four dollars in after market trading. Anyway, next I headed to Freemont to shop at PCC. I searched for stores in Seattle that sell vegan food and it was one of the results. I remember my mom pointing it out one time, so I would know how to get there, and I like Freemont, so I decided to shop there over some of the other options. I discovered that it had underground parking, so I parked and walked up into the store. I first noticed that it seemed much easier to find stuff than at QFC. Also, many of the customers seemed to be hippies (well, you know, different from the norm (well, different the soccer moms and trophy wifes I'm used to seeing at grocery stores)), which was cool. I got all the needed ingredients for the cookies: barley flour, canola oil, vegan chocolate chips, and maple syrup. When I got back to my car, I pulled a biodiesel slip out of my door handle. Normally this would piss me off, but I am interested in trying out biodiesel. Actually, I wanted to get some earlier in the year, but I thought I would just ride my bike instead. However, I came to realize that I can't ride my bike everywhere (even though I did dramatically cut down on the miles driven), so I might as well get biodiesel. I'm sort of hoping it'll smell like french fries (although I doubt it).
I believe it was Thursday when my new CD arrived: Emotional Technology by BT (bought used). I had been getting the mail every day since Monday. When I saw the CD package, a big smile came across my face and I quickly grabbed it. Even though I was straddling my bike, I still managed to do a very primal happy dance. That night I had dinner with Hallie and her mom at the Cheesecake Factory.
Yesterday (Friday), I went to the By^Hite of Seattle with my dad and Hallie. I had a veggie piroshky, a few garlic fries, and half an elephant ear. Today, in the early afternoon, I rode to Hallie's house and then we rode to Bellevue. We didn't go to downtown, but we crossed the bridge and rode around the suburbs. I left my bike at her house and went to my cousin Pat and his girlfriend Hanna's open house. It was all the way up in Lynnwood. Afterwards, I rode back home from Hallie's house. I saw (and waved to) two more steel drummers (although, two I had already seen before). However, I did see a new one (or unique impression, in web stats terms) a few days ago bringing my total to 13. Tomorrow, if the weather is good, Hallie and I will go boating. I plan to swing by Bill G's house, but unfortunately the camera is in Vancouver at Gatecon with my brother, so there will be no pictures for iPod lounge.
Just a little Gmail news. First, I had to end the Gmail Test thread after 427 replies because it just wouldn't load anymore. I was able to get into it just once in week long period, so I posted the last post, copied the e-mail addresses, and yesterday started Gmail Test 2. Secondly, I have 24 spams in Gmail now. It is averaging about one a day now, and it seems to catch them all (with no recent false positives). No more new invites, though :(. I heard those were just to drive down the price of invites on eBay.
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