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2004-07-23 00:59:57 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Sunday was Hallie's birthday. My dad took his friend and his friend's son out on the boat for about an hour. After that, Hallie and I met my dad on the dock at Luther Burbank. We gave him the car and we took the boat. We first headed to Bill Gates' house. Then we turned around and went to our normal alcove where the water is calm for swimming and it is shallow enough to anchor. We ate our lunch and swam a little. Mostly we floated on the inner tube thing, though, because I didn't want to get my too hair wet. After we got bored in the water and the weather was starting to looky iffy, we decided to head back to the boat launch. When we approached, I called my dad to come help us. Since we still had some time, I sped around the lake down to Travis's old house. I used to not like going fast in the boat, but it was fun this time. I went in a few tight circles near his house before speeding off back toward the boat launch. I brought it in and we had a very successful loading of the boat onto the trailer. For dinner, Hallie and I went to the Bamboo garden and had vegan Chinese food (well, everything except the fortune cookies). After dinner, we went with her mom to see Anchorman at the *shiver* Factoria theatre. Oh well, one movie every six months is acceptable.
I believe it was Monday when my dad and I had a Stargate marathon. I personally watched five episodes (I think). I had tasty been burritos for dinner. That night my mom and brother came home from the Stargate convention in Vancouver. Jeff showed us all the loot (well, almost all), and mom told us lots of interesting stories as well.
On Tuesday was my summer advising session at the UW, a required event for all incoming freshman. I didn't expect it to be very fun, but it wasn't that bad. I got to meet some fellow potential CS students, I saw seven people I know from school, and I registered for classes. Also, I saw Peter Abrahamsen (someone I knew about through Seattle Wireless) in Mary Gates Hall. I will be taking Math 126, Chem 223, and CSE 142; I'm taking all math and science :) !!!!!111oneone After the session, I drove over to Freemont to Dr. Dan's Fuelwerks. It was a little hard to find (didn't look much like a gas station), but he was nice (and had dreadlocks) and even gave me a bulk discount because it was my first order. I was a little nervous about putting biodiesel into the car, but it seems to work fine so far. It makes an interesting smell, but doesn't really smell like food. It doesn't produce nasty blue smoke anymore, though. It was expensive at about 3.4 $/gallon, but it is probably worth it. It pollutes a /ton/ less than petro diesel. That night I read up a whole bunch on biodiesel and learned about Seattle Biodiesel, a company looking to produce biodiesel locally (instead of like the midwest). Last night I sent him an e-mail asking about the status of the operation and inquiring about job opportunities, but haven't heard back yet.
Yesterday, I rode to Hallie's and we rode to Luther Burbank to pick blackberries. We got a whole lunch box full and we went our separate ways. I went home, grabbed my wallet, went back to Georgio's for dinner, and then went home again. My brother insisted we watch the Atlantis premier (he probably just wanted to show off by pointing out the places he had been and the things/people he had touched).
Today, I tried transfering files via floppy from one of Hallie's computers to another, but when we tried to turn on the Dell again, it wouldn't boot. I spent like an hour on the phone with Dell as they had me ripping out all the components (or at least unplugging them). They even had me remove the processor, but it didn't work out like planned. I first had to remove the heatsink, of course, but the processor came out with it! The heat compound they use is /very/ sticky. I'm sure it wasn't good for the computer, because the socket was still in locked position, yet the processor just popped out. Hmm. Once they ran me through every script they had, they tried transferring me to another department to setup a repair appointment, but I was on hold forever. I eventually gave up and we left for ingredients. I found a recipe in my cookbook that I thought would be best adaptable for blackberries, so we set out to make vegan blackberry pie. We found all the ingredients on the island (we had to make a compromise on the shortening because Albertson's was out of Spectrum). We made the pie with some help from my brother and cooked it. Blackberries are juicier than blueberries (what it originally called for), so we probably had too much liquid. It solidified fairly well, but still broke down when we cut it. That didn't matter, though, because it was delicious anyway. I was suprised at how flavorful it was. I watched an episode of Nip/Tuck with her (or as she likes to call it, Yip/Fuck) and then drove her home.
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