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2004-08-03 00:26:37 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Wow, lots to talk about. This'll probably be split up over few days. On Friday, after posting the news item, Traivs and I decided to hang out. I drove him and his mom downtown and we parked in my Dad's old building (free parking with pass). We then ate at the Rock Bottom. I picked up a copy of the Stranger on the way in, looked at it during the meal, and then put it back when I left. My meal was almost vegetarian, having a veggie pizza, but I did eat a few pieces of chicken on our appetizer nachos.
After eating, Travis and I met up with Thomas. After a while we headed to Caitlin's house. It was originally mostly graduated seniors, but younger (more immature) kids showed up later in the night. Thomas left fairly early. I, of course, stayed sober, but many people didn't. Throughout the night, Travis and I kept an eye on the more inebriated people, to make sure they weren't taken an advantage of. I realized just how predatorial some guys are. Later in the morning, most people had left (around 03:00). Travis and I sat outside talking when Caitlin joined us. We talked for quite some time, while another guy slept inside. When the sky started getting brighter, we headed inside. Travis and I started making some scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese for the three of us still awake. Caitlin fell asleep before we finished, so we woke her when we finished, but she fell back asleep again, so Travis ate her portion. We cleaned up the house some (to make up for eating the food), turned off the lights, and headed to a Starbucks. I was surprised how many people were there at around 05:45. I picked up another copy of the Stranger and looked at the information again (as it was now the day of the Capitol Hill Block Party). The Seattle Times guy arrived while we were eating. When we finished, I put the Stranger away and we headed over to a grocery store so I could pick up a caffeinated beverage. I bought the cheapest energy drink, which tasted like shit, and sipped it on the way back to Travis' house. I checked my mail and, while playing Dustbowl, discovered how Valve completely butchered TFC. Travis fell asleep while I was playing. I turned off the monitor and, with Travis' permission, hopped onto the free part of the bed.
I woke up maybe four hours later at around, I believe, 10:30. My dad woke me up when he called my cell phone. I called him back once I cleared my head and then drove home. We watched the Tour de France for a while. Once it ended, he finally got the materials ready so I could begin staining our now deconstructed playground (a task I was forced to do). We only did a little, because I soon had to go to the block party (and I was being called by friends). I got dressed, quaffed some energy drink, and headed out. I'll talk about the rest in another post.
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