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2004-08-09 16:32:18 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Well, some good news today. I stopped taking Vicodin slightly over a day ago and I feel much better. You don't realize how much that stuff fucks you up until you stop taking it... damn. I'm taking Advil now and it works just fine (without the nasty side effects). If I had known this, I would have stopped taking the Vicodin earlier (or even not at all). I am a lot more coherent now, so I will probably write the rest of my long update in a few days. Also, I finally finished a 278 megabyte download from Freenet. It took five months and one day. Granted, Freenet and FUQID weren't running that whole time, but it is still a long time. Most of it was downloaded in the last few days (since I left my computer (and Freenet) on the whole time I was recovering). Actually, I set my own personal Freenet uptime record for having it up over two days.
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