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2004-08-13 23:50:39 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Today I found a new use for the cans of compressed air. Travis brought one to my birthday party a number of years ago and we had lots of fun turning it upside down and numbing parts of our skin with the cold stuff that comes out. Today there was a huge ass spider up stairs. I just ignore little spiders or get medium sized spiders with a tissue, but this one would require two tissues and it would probably scurry off before I could get it. Then I had an epiphany, why not use the can of air on him? I ran down the stairs to the den and brought it back up. I turn it upside down and, keeping my distance, sprayed him on the ceiling. At first he started moving from the cold and blowing, but then he curled up a little bit and stopped. I didn't want to reach up and get him (he could fall in my hair, which would be a big mess), so I just left him there, hoping he was paralyzed. I showed my brother, who immediately tried to pull him off the wall to bring to me. The spider was stubborn and kept sticking and fighting back. Jeff gave up and the spider returned to its original resting spot. I grabbed the can of air again, blew it, and the spider fell to the ground. I then sprayed a continuous burst for a few seconds until its body and legs were covered in frost. I grabbed the tissues and squished it, feeling a bunch of cold matter in the tissue. I ran to the bathroom and flushed it. That spider won't be causing me troubles again.
I've done a lot of bicycling recently. I had about a week of downtime from my oral surgery, but on Wednesday, I felt like I needed to get out of the house. It was the first time I had exercised in about a week, and I had a surprising amount of energy (probably because of the tortillas (for carbs) I ate an hour or two before hand). Before I went, though, I finished building the final three notes on my PVC. Now I just need to glue six of them and I'm done (for now). Anyway, I rode up East Mercer Way, saw Ryan Baca, through North Mercer, over to Seattle, through the bike tunnel, and down to Rainier Avenue. Downtown was still a ways away, so I had to make a decision. Either I turn around here, or head to Seattle and hope my mom is still in her office (so I can visit her). I think the breaking point was my thirst, and there was not a Starbucks in sight. I headed up Rainier, down through the International District (almost taking a spill before an intersection because of the bad roads), and back up a blocks through downtown. I was sufficiently sweaty when I arrived. Fortunately, the people in the information booth let me use their phone. I called up to ask her floor number, and grabbed a frappuccino on the way. We later both came down and I got a cinnamon roll. After hanging out for a while, resting, stretching, and saying hi to her friend Jan, I return home along a similar route. I follow behind other bicyclists through the International District and then again across the bridge. However, I go down West Mercer this time. I arrive home and take a shower. The whole trip took about three hours.
That night I went with Hallie and Hannah to this new housing development near the Newcastle golf course to watch the meteor shower. It was the biggest green spot I could find on a local map, but unfortunately the housing development (despite the fact that most houses didn't even have foundation) had street lights throughout. We found an area between streetlights and sat on the wood structure of a new house (the area that would become the first floor). At the beginning it was a little disappointing and I only saw one small one. We did see lots of satellites, though. However, we were looking up at one point and saw a huge fucker. This thing had clear width to it and left a stream of quickly fading sparks through the sky. It was very bright and very impressive. It also made me feel a little vulnerable laying out there in the open :). Right before we were about to leave we saw another of similar magnitude. After those two, I was very satisfied.
Yesterday my brother asked if I wanted to go to lunch at, say, California Pizza Kitchen. I asked if would be bike with me and he was like "no way!" However, after an hour or so I eventually got him to change his mind. We headed up East Mercer, across the other bridge, down one street, down Bellevue Way, and then to the restaurant. There was an H2 parked right in front, which, of course, got quite a birding from me. I locked my bike up and got us a seat outside (since it is freezing inside). Jeff joined us and we ordered. After lunch I was in a hurry to get to my oral appointment (to see how I was healing), so I left while Jeff took care of the bill. I headed, I believe, through the train bridge, and then down Richard's Road. I arrived at the office in Factoria just in time. Nine minutes later I was out (most of that spent sitting in the lobby) and heading home. I took a leisurely pace home. I stopped to say hi to Hallie, stopped at Starbucks and chatted with Derrick Poppy, and finally made it home. It was a good two days of biking. Today I lounged around the house and didn't eat anything until our homemade pizza dinner.
Finally, I need to mention that my 12" PowerBook arrived in the mail yesterday. I've rarely used my desktop since then. I had just woken up around 10:30, went to the bathroom, and took my Advil (for the sore mouth) when I saw a FedEx truck stopping across the street. I walk downstairs, open the door, and see the guy walking toward our house :). I push up on my tippy toes a few times in excitement. I get the package, sign his padd, he asks me my last name (probably because I can't write worth shit on those things), and then I head inside with the package. I open the shipping box, call Jeff down, and proceed to unwrap the Apple box. So cool! I take it upstairs and I have been using it since. I'm going to borrow Jeff T's StarCraft CD (since mine doesn't have the Mac software required) and use the recently released OS X installer to play it. I just installed Warcraft III as well. Fun, fun, fun. I'm glad Blizzard decides to support us Mac users :). They get mad props from me for that.
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