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2004-08-20 19:03:00 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Okay, time to finally finish the epic story I started a few days ago. It is 2004-08-19 and I'm sitting in the SeaTac airport because my flight has been delayed. I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to post this.
When I left off, it was the Saturday of the Capitol Hill Block Party and I was just leaving the house. I picked up Hallie, then Travis, and then headed toward Steven's house (which is next to the Park and Ride). Since I'm pulling into the Park and Ride, Travis tells me I should just pull into his apartment building. I ask why and he tells me so Steven doesn't have to walk as far. We head toward the bus stop and it hits Travis that we are taking the bus to Capitol Hill (hehe, silly Travis). I think someone calls Steven, because he meets us at the bus stop. The bus finally came and we headed to the International District to eat Dim Sum at the House of Hong. We get a large table with lazy susan and we order some food. Steven already ate, but I try some new stuff. I guess I over estimated our need, because we didn't eat everything we bought (most, though). We head back to the bus tunnel and ride it until the end. We walk up the hill and it puts us right at the party. On the way, someone asks Travis if he wants 'green bud' :). We walk through some booths, political activists, and 'artists.' We end up near a Jones Soda booth and stand around thinking about where to go and what to do. There is a woman there sitting on the ground, with some paint on her face, dolls on strings, dolls in her pants, and she is slowly moving around and playing with the dolls. We are all fascinated by the sight, since she seems to be nothing useful and making no statement. Travis and Steven seem especially tranced. She is also surrounded by a small group of people that appear to be with her. We circle around the block, passing by all stages. I find where U.S.E. will be playing, and we head toward Broadway. Somehow Travis learned of the Underworld S&M shop, so we walk down Broadway in search for it. I don't want to be out too long because I've waited a long time to see U.S.E. and I don't want to miss them again. We finally get there, head upstairs, and enter the store. Steven and I were the only ones old enough to legally enter, but Steven forgot his I.D. We enter, the woman says hi, and we look around. She doesn't hassle us or anything. The store isn't very big and it has some interesting items. We head back downstairs and outside to get back to U.S.E. On the way I sign a form to get Nader put on the ballot. I want to get back to the show, but Travis and Steven keep talking to the woman there. It was funny, she was telling Steven how she didn't want to see us kids get put in the military and sent overseas. Umm... a little too late for Steven. We finally escape and I quickly walk back, faster than everyone else. On the way back, a guy asked me if I'm going to Hempfest (which is this weekend), but I told him I'm busy that weekend and will be in Vegas. He asks if I smoke and I'm like.... "Uhh... no comment." He tells me not to worry, he's not a cop, but I continue down the street :). We reach the street of the block party and I convince to Travis to come into the 'theatre' with us because it would be more fun. Steven, however, didn't want to pay $10 to see them, so we say goodbye and heads down toward the bus tunnel. We get to the 'theatre' where Hallie, Jeff, and I give them our tickets and Travis buys his. We get wrist bands and head as far forward as we can easily manage. While waiting, I see Ben Chester and David Zhang. I like how the tent above the stage is displacing some street lights (they are just resting on the tent) and the whole setup is still running, despite the lack of traffice. After a while, U.S.E. finally takes stage. There isn't much introduction before they begin. The first song was one of my favorites, Open Your Eyes, but unfortunately we could not hear the vocoder. After the second song, someone yelled "turn up the vocoder!" and it was repeated by one of the band members. The third song was Emerald City and they finally got it working a little ways into the song. It sounded a little weird at first, but then everything was good. It was friggin' hot that day, so the band was throwing water balloons into the audience. One of them accidently hit a light and it started steaming. Towards the end of the set, they were throwing lots of water balloons (I managed to pop one), bottles of water (one hit Hallie in the head), 'gold' coins, and bead necklaces (Jeff caught one, and he didn't even have to flash anyone). Someone was also walking around with a hose and spray nozzle. It was hot, but they kept us sufficiently wet. During the last song (I believe It Is On!), lots of audience members hopped on stage and the whole stage was packed. The band almost had trouble playing. We made our way out and were walking away (Travis didn't want until 22:00 for Sir Mix-a-lot) when we ran into Jake and Kalen. They didn't have wrist bands, and we were leaving, so we gave ours to them. Kalen even had glue which he used to put Travis' (which had been ripped) back together. On the way back, Jeff gets some a Jones soda and a t-shirt from them, but doesn't say anything when they give him wrong change (like 6 bucks too little, grr). I'm walking a long when I see ClearChannel. I backtrack and see it is an anti-ClearChannel t-shirt. I think about it for a short time, but then decide to buy it. It says "ClearChannel, Stealing the airwaves, one station at a time." It came with a free anti-Bush speaker. Speaking of anti-Bush sentiment, there was tons if it there. No Republican dared making themselves known. Travis thought someone should have had a sign saying "Kerry is a Ferry." Although, in this neighborhood, that probably would have gave him an even stronger following. The Libertarian party also had representatives. We check out some veggietarian/vegan clothing. I like the one with the pig saying "No, I don't have any spare ribs" and another that read "Praise seitan."
Okay, I'm on the airplane in the air now. We were the absolute last party to board (yet still not the last in their seat), and on the way a guy in first class said, "Venus Hum!" I looked over, not really believing my ears. I said, "Have you heard them?" He kinda looked at me funny and so I thought maybe I mis-heard what he said, but then he continued, "Yeah, I saw them before the Blue Man. It was awesome." Sweet! Could he be going to the fan meet? I know there are some other big Venus Hum fans in Seattle. Anyway, back to the story. We left Capitol Hill, but were surprised when the bus tunnel was closed. I don't think it was even time yet. We asked a bus driver on the street, and then headed down to like 3rd. We waited around for a while, and then boarded a weird little bus, with insides like an airplane (air and lights and stuff). I was surprised because I was used to the 550 being a huge articulated bus. At some point during the trip, I noticed Grady Gratt was sitting near the front. When we exited, I said hi. It turns out he is working at the Science Center. We also saw and chatted with Danny Sotello. He didn't remember Travis' name (even though they sat next to each other for much of the year). We gave a ride to his house (since he lives near Travis). Travis did some stuff real quick, and then we headed back to my house to watch Starsky and Hutch. We hung out in my basement for a while, then cruised around with Jeff Quiesser. After cruising, we all retired at our homes.
The next day I went no a huge sailboat with my family, Uncle Edmund, and a bunch of his friends and family. It was fun, we sailed around Lake Washington. After a while I started getting sleepy, so I went to the Captain's quarters and took a nice nap on the big bed. On the way home, I was dropped off at Travis' house. We hung out for a while, and since he wanted to go on our boat, offered to help me do a test run of it (my dad wanted me to practice). On the way to my house to get it ready, we saw Hallie and Hannah downtown. Hannah of course wanted to drive his car. On the way home Travis damaged his car to the tune of like $800. He signed up for AAA on the spot and had to pay what he called a "nuts-in-a-vice charge" for people that sign up when they already need help. We walk home (not very far) and start getting the boat ready. Right before we are about to head out, Travis gets a call from the tow truck. I take him back to his car, but it turns out the guy was at the wrong place. Travis and I split up for the night, and I get some practice driving the boat and backing it up. We leave the trailer attached to the suburban (since that was one of the hardest and most time consuming parts) and call it a night.
The next morning my brother and I get up, get ready, and head to the suburban. I give Hallie and Travis calls to confirm the plans. Jeff and I get to the launch fairly quickly, and since there is no line, begin launching the boat. We get it in just fine, and I am parking the truck and trailer, when I see the rest of the group walking down (Caitlin, Travis, Hallie, and Hannah). I arrive at the boat dock first and then soon follow. It takes a while to put all the stuff in the boat and get it organized (there were a lot of people and a lot of belongings. We eventually get the boat going and head toward Bill Gates' house. People then started riding in the big two person inner tube. We head toward Hannah's old house and Lake Union. A cop gives us a hard time because we are going to fast (even though I looked and looked for a speed limit sign) and I decide to turn around. Travis gets in the tube and wants me to knock him off. Once I get away from land, I start going really fast and making big turns. I don't think he lasted a minute before flying off over a bump. I circle around and he gets back in. We headed to Maydenbauer Bay to anchor and Travis takes the wheel as we enter the bay. He goes real fast, despite the objections of Hannah and Caitlin on the inner tube. We arrive, anchor, and most people get in the water. Eventually, Caitlin needed to leave, and other people were sort of getting tired, so we docked the boat and started putting it in. Dad called at one point to ask our status and decided to come help us (even though I said it was fine). It turned out good because he brought the Mercedes with him. As we were draining the engine compartment, a whole bunch of nasty white stuff came out. Dad opened the engine and it was covered with it. I explained to him how the boat felt less powerful today (which I originally contributed to the extra load). We switched cars and he took it to the boat shop. Hallie, Travis, Jeff, and I headed to Seattle to eat at Buca de Bepo's. Hallie and Travis both praised it. We were about an hour earlier, so we decided to head to the closest Starbucks I knew (near the Cinerama). It was a good walk, and we saw the Jones Soda head quarters on the way. We were walking and I got a call from my dad. It turns out the boat was totalled because the engine head got a crack (which caused the white stuff, it was oil mixed with water). It would cost $8000 to replace. Darn. Later my dad found someone who may have a refurbished engine we can buy, so we might get it repaired on the relatively cheap (although that is still being worked out). We got our drinks and Hallie burnt her tongue on hot apple cider. We walked back, passed a Starbucks (oops), and were no more than 10-15 minutes later than the opening. They took us to the far back corner and the waiter in training explained how everything worked. We decided to get the baked sampler, a small version of the daily special, and an appetizer of garlic bread(?). It was all very good and very large. It was the first food of the day for me, I think, so I was still hungry. The waiter gave us a small sample of one of the desserts, but we decided on a different one and got the small size. The meal was 1.5 days worth of food, because I was not hungry for half of the next day. We headed home, hung out for a while, and then went our separate ways.
The next day was fairly tame. I slept till noon, stained some more of the playground, and exercised. However, Wednesday was interesting. I went to dinner with Hallie and Jeff at Zeke's pizza. It took a long time to get there because of traffic, but the dinner was good (and relatively cheap, I think). On the way to the restaurant, I got a call from Jeff T with a job offer. Remedy (his temp agency) said the place he was about to work for would be fun with a friend, so he called me up. I said sure, and talked with him a little. I got up early the next morning, and drove with Jeff T to Remedy so I could sign up to work through them. I got there at 08:00 and had to be at LightingUniverse.com by 10:00. We didn't have enough time to search for the biodiesel place in Bellevue, so I filled it up halfway with petro. We arrived at LightingUniverse early, and they set us up with (the bomb?) some computers in their wherehouse (since they were low on office space). We called manufacturers all day checking on the status of purchases and putting them into the computers. After work we searched for the biodiesel place (which took a lot of effort since I miscopied the directions). Eventually we found it, and pumped some biodiesel out of a container in the back of a pickup. It was expensive at 4.20 $/gallon, but I was only getting half a tank. We headed home and I dropped off Jeff T. The next day I didn't dress up as much, and took the beamer instead (so we could have air conditioning, music, and so the alarm wouldn't go off while we were driving). That night I attempted to see the Village with Hallie and a bunch of other people, but I was getting angry and a fire alarm during a critical part in the movie pushed me over the edge. It is a long story that I won't go into here, but Hallie and I left, getting a refund, and headed home to watch Lost in Translation with my brother. Jeff T called me one of the days that weekend to tell me they didn't need me on Monday (we got a lot of work done). Monday ended up being his last day.
Wow, I've written all this on battery power and I'm still at 73%. It estimates I've got 4:22 left, so I'm happy. This laptop gets great battery life. On Sunday I rode my bike to Hallie's house. Nick Giftai picked us up and we all headed to Seattle. I gave him directions and we parked near Seattle Center. We zigzagged to the waterfront and I learned where the Millionaire's club was (which happened to be where Jeff was volunteering that day). I already had been there, I just didn't know its position in Seattle. We walked along the waterfront, and then headed up when we got to Pike Place Market. We walked around there, looked in a bunch of stores, and got some food at a bakery. Nick was selected by a street performer and became part of a human table. I forgot to check out the world's first Starbucks. We went in some interesting shops, including another spice/herb shop with lots of interesting books and other things. Afterwards, we all continued down to the new library so Hallie could see it and they both could check stuff out. Hallie signed up for a card, and we all began exploring. It was fun to go back and I got to check out the music section (which was small, but they did have a CD from a past Panorama in Trinidad). They also had some sheet music resources, which I thought might be promising, but also seemed scarce. There was one huge book of movie theme songs, though. They both checked out stuff, so I got to see the cool RFID checkout system. You scan the barcode on your card, put your books and CDs one level thick on this white pad, they appear on the computer screen, you click okay if they are all there, and then repeat as necessary until all your stuff has been checked out. It was a very awesome system for self checkout. We walked all the way back through downtown and eventually made it back to the car.
On Monday I again slept until noon. I road my bike some, going about halfway down this hill towards East Mercer. I got going really fast (along a curvy road), but didn't want to have to pedal up, so I stopped halfway. That night I made an almost vegan Fettuccine and Pea Alfredo. The only thing that wasn't vegan was the parmesan cheese, since we couldn't find soy parmesan. I thought it was really good but not everyone did. The sauce was made with soy milk, some other stuff, and, I believe, silken tofu. It was a lot healthier than normal alfredo, that's for sure.
Well, there you have it. That was the huge news post I had been delaying. Oh, hey, today I burned my first DVD (despite owning a burner in our PowerBook for like 1.75 years). It wasn't very big, but I put my drumbone assembly video and pictures from when I addressed up for Halloween on it. I started the process burning maybe 15 minutes before I ride was to arrive. I was surprised that it went though three and a half really long (at least compared to the size of the DVD) preparing steps before it started burning. Our driver arrived and it was still going, so we unplugged the computer and took it into the car. About half way up West Mercer it finally ended and the DVD popped out. We logged out of my account onto Jeff's, popped it in, and tested it out. It looked great. I just hope it works in a stand alone player. It was all very easy, but not very fast at all. It is now 20:27 and I'm sitting next to a dark airplane window. I am at 69% battery life still. I'll post this as soon as I get internet, which will hopefully be at Greg's house. See ya! Andrew
Okay, I'm here at my Aunt's house using her internet. The fan meet is tomorrow and I'm so excited!!!
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