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2004-09-08 02:41:50 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Today I went to Sky Captain and the Wold of Tomorrow. I know what you are thinking, "But Andrew, you hate movie theatres." That is true, but this was a rare exception: it was the Cinerama, the tickets were free, I had heard about this one a while ago and thought it had a cool premise (I love retro futuristic), and the director was there after the movie talking to us and taking questions. I really enjoyed the movie and the audience was good, but it was full of nerds. I've recently found myself becoming more distant from the nerd crowd. I don't know what category I can be be grouped with now. Anyway, I'm off on a tangent, time to talk about Bumbershoot.
On Saturday, my mom, Hallie, and I went to Bumbershoot in the early afternoon. We got some food and headed to the main stage in Memorial Stadium. We sat until we finished eating, and then headed to the crowds. I enjoyed Seal, even though I didn't recognize most of the songs. I especially enjoyed the three I know (Waiting For You, Loves Divine, Kiss From a Rose) and even Hallie mentioned liking Kiss From a Rose. After that my mom went to some Blue's shows or went home, I can't remember. Hallie and I walked around, and went to Unwritten Law. It was an indoor show and I didn't want to get that close. I said I'd wait for Hallie if she wanted to mosh (because I didn't), but she it was okay and we left. We went to see AllGoRhythms next, since it sounded interesting. It turned out to be an Indian band, which was interesting. After that, we bought some taffy, sat by the fountain, and finally headed to watch a short portion of the Fourthcity Laptop Battle in the EMP Sky church. The laptop battle was fun (nearly every performer had a Mac) and I wish we could have stayed longer, but we needed to head back to the main stage to see Puddle of Mudd and Nickelback. Metal isn't my type of music, but it was enjoyable. The crowd really fit the shows. The people were irritable ("Get outta my person bubble!"), it was really crowded, people moshed and crowd surfed, and people put up 'devil signs' and middle fingers. Between shows we sat down near the concessions as my back was a little sore. Nickelback surprised me because they didn't have any gear set up when their time came. Surprise, surprise! The drumset rose from the stage and the guitarists just walked on. Where were the amps? I don't know. After those concerts, we headed to Hallie's house and hung out for a while.
Sunday was mostly relaxing. That night I again went to a meeting of the French Fry Fuel Fools. I forgot to mention it, but I went as Thursday as well. We are a soon-to-be biodiesel club at the UW. We met at a guy's house to use his processor. He's been collecting waste vegetable oil from places like Orange King and we will soon make a batch. We are also trying to fix the broken batch that is currently in the processor and run a small test batch with some of the oil. Unfortunately, I think we screwed up the test batch because we had a thermometer on the outside of the reaction vessel, so it measured a lot less than actual. We ended up boiling off a lot of the methanol and I'm not sure if it is salvageable. You don't really want to boil methanol because the stuff will make you go blind if ingested. I put a fan on a spare oil barrel to blow the fumes out of the garage. It is fun, though, because this is organic chemistry like I'm doing next quarter, I get to learn how to make biodiesel, and it is just plain useful chemistry! I'm excited for September 11th (Saturday), because there will be a biodiesel picnic.
I went back to Bumbershoot on Monday because I wanted a fix of Reggae. I was too late for Show Brazil!, but that didn't bother me too much because I didn't really care about it. However, I was sure to be there for the Toots & Maytals. The Stranger said they would likely be good, but they weren't my favorite of the day. A bunch of their songs ended with a sped up tempo, and I'm not too big a fan of fast reggae. During their show, Lou called me, so I got some food and sat with them for a while. The crowd for this show was a lot different than the metal bands. There appeared to be more people, but it was hard to tell because they were all spread out. People smoked the ganja at the other shows, but there was a lot more that day. At one point, about one in ten people around me were smoking. I probably got slightly high off second hand smoke. There were a few people walking through the audience selling ganja cookies and brownies. Even though hippies seem like nice, honest people, I didn't want to risk eating one. The crowd was spread out, even real close to the stage. A lot of people were dancing and no one cared if you were next to them. It was a great audience and I ran into Luke! After Toots finished, I moved up close to wait for the Marley Brothers. The Stranger gave them a bad prereview, but I really enjoyed them. They sang some of their own stuff and some of their dad's songs. The brothers all had perfect looking dreads... I was envious. I was dancing, as were most other people (even in the stands lots of people were dancing). They finished with Could You Be Loved, which I had stuck in my head for the rest of the day (I'm not complaining, though). After the show, I picked up a wood frog thing for Hallie and headed back to my car in downtown. When I got there, I checked the time and saw I only had ten minutes before I was supposed to meet my dad at the Park and Ride. I gave him a call to pick up my jacket before he left, but he was already there and waiting (and Aunt Rosie and Uncle John arrived as I was talking to him). I told him to stay put and I'd be there soon. They decided to drive there and John parked in the Coast Guard place. All of the healthy food at the stadium sucked, so I got some chicken stir fry (which wasn't too good either, but the cock sauce helped). During the game I ordered a 'strawberry lemonade' but turned out to be strawberry lemonade /slushy/. Damn them and their false advertising. It wasn't too good (very sweet and sticky), but when I finished I used the cup to get free water. Of course, I had to get some garlic fries, which always stand out as a pinnacle of baseball game perfection. Fuck Crackerjacks, give me some garlic fries any day. On the topic of food, I got a small, free sample of a Carmel Frappuccino (they didn't have any of the creme Fraps) during the Reggae shows. I liked it, so I decided to get a Carmel Light. We, against my will, left at the end of the 8th inning as we were down 4-0. I guess we didn't much (except traffic) because we ended up losing 5-0. What happened to our good team?
Today was the first day of school for my brother and Hallie. I, unfortunately, slept in until noon. I didn't have much time to eat, shower, and watch Pitch Black before heading to Hallie's house to great her after school. At her house, we watched Detroit Rock City. I was picked up around 17:20 to see my third movie and that was my day. Now I have to get up in 4 hours and 20 minutes so my brother can drive me to Hallie's house to pick up my bike before school. Hey, at least I'll get a head start on the day and hopefully do some stuff I've been putting off (like strength training).
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