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2004-09-25 02:00:32 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Hmm, so I guess it has been a while. I'm listening to Animal by Dana Lyons right now. I got it a few days ago and it is autographed 20 out of 1000. I'll make this update fairly brief because I'm tired, I move into my dorm in a few hours, and I'm lazy.
First, on September 11th, I went with Hallie and my brother to a biodiesel picnic. We were late, but it it turned out well. There was a tire toss, oil derrick piņata, biodiesel car show, and scavenger hunt for WMDs. Afterwards we headed over to Scott's garage to again work on making biodiesel. Hallie and Jeff got a tour of the garage. There were a lot of new folk, but a lot of regulars as well. We got the heating element installed in the reaction vessel. Some people helped make soap out of the glycerin, but I haven't seen it yet. I heard it was a little basic ("wow, my hands are so slick," hehe). Next meeting we will actually begin production. In related news, our car experienced a huge loss of power coming home from the airport on Saturday. On Monday we had it towed to the dealer. They claim the biodiesel broke some filter thing, but I don't think I believe them (they didn't even know what the biodiesel was when they first saw it). Also, someone on the Biodiesel Now forum says they have the same filter thing (some oxidizer/catalyst) and have run 5000 miles on biodiesel. We'll see how it turns out.
Last Wednesday through Sunday I was in Ohio. We flew in, got our rental car (and go figure, they didn't have the fucking thing we asked for; we had to wait like 20 minutes for them to get one), and headed toward Cleveland. It was nasty, all the big diesel trucks and busses spewed black smoke... while idling! It was even worse when they moved; and it smelled bad. Anyway, after a few wrong turns, we finally made it into the city. We follow the directions they gave us, but you can't turn left on most of the streets. We end up circling through downtown Cleveland in a big pretzel shape trying to get to our hotel. We finally made and enter. The hotel was in a really neat old indoor mall thing, built in the 19th century, I believe. The only problem was our room was next to an air vent, so it was real loud during the night. After settling into the room, we headed down to the stadium to watch the Indians play. We arrived before it even opened, so we walked around looking for food. Nothing looked super appealing, so we delayed eating. We entered on the far entrance, so we could circle the whole field. After seeing a few classic food stands (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.), I expected to see the same stands repeated around the field. However, unlike Safeco Field, the food was good there. I ended up eating a crepe. Yes... I had a FUCKING CREPE at a baseball game! Probably the only thing our field does better is the garlic fries. The fries at the Indian stadium had like garlic powder or something on them. Instead of getting fries, my mom and I split nachos. I know what you are thinking, but these nachos had real cheese! They were so much better than any liquid cheese nachos could ever be. We finished eating and the game soon started. We were a little beyond the third base. I thought the seats would be bad and it would be hard to follow the action, but I was wrong. We were only eight rows back and I think their field is smaller, because it seemed like we were real close. A few balls whizzed past and hit near us; that was exciting. The Indians end up winning in a fun game. I was amazed at how few people were in the stands, though.
The next day went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The bottom floor is huge. I spent a lot of time in the first few hundred feet because of all the informative touch screens. There was one display that went through top songs by decade and told you the history of the song. We viewing that when mom noticed we only had like 2.5 hours left. Fortunately, we later learned they were open another four hours today because of the Gravity Games. We walked through the rest of the museum, had a little lunch there, and checked out the gift shop. There were tons of arty guitars outside the museum (and around the city). While we were inside it rained pretty hard and had some lightning. We headed back to the hotel for our car and then drove towards our theatre. We got lost because the roads that were parallel in the city quickly split apart. We eventually found the theatre, but there wasn't much non-fast food around it. We ate at a little deli and I had a veggie burger. Next we went to the theatre where I was one of two young people. I was getting a lot of looks. I don't think many of the old, theatre-type people in Cleveland have seen many white guys with dreads (or anyone with dreads for that matter). "Look Martha... they'll let anyone in the theatre these days." We watched Leading Ladies, which was a funny play about two out of work Shakespearean actors who cross dress to try to con an old lady out of her inheritance. I enjoyed it. I had trouble sleeping that night because of the vent.
The next day we took a cool boat tour up the river. There are tons of bridges there! It was informative and I found all the industrial plants interesting. Afterwards we went out to the suburbs, past the theatre, to a restaurant named Tommy's. It is like the only veggie place in Ohio :). I had a great vegan Italian 'meatball' sub and a peanut butter vegan cookie. And guess what! They had Ginseng Up! Mom missed it, so she freaked out when I ordered it, "They have GINSENG UP!?" Hehe, it was funny. We took four bottles of it home. We stopped at the record store next door and I bought a Bob Marley shirt. They didn't have The Complex DVD-Audio, so I purchased that yesterday in Bellevue (at like the only store that had it). Anyway, after all that, we headed west to Sandusky and Cedar Point. We played Bob Marley on the way and I was starting to fall asleep. When we arrived, I realized they were right about Cedar Point... it is way out on a narrow peninsula! We entered the park, and drove around the whole place to get to our hotel. We passed an impressive wood coaster named Mean Streak and I saw the infamous Top Thrill Dragster. We check in, put our stuff away, and head into the park. We miss the hotel only opening and arrive about the same time as general admission. We ride the first coaster at the back entrance since it didn't look too big. I guess size is relative. It was pretty fast and I realize I need a glasses strap. It felt a little dorky at first, but it kept my glasses in place and it was required for TTD. Not all the rides are open, but we get a good number of rides in on the ones that are. The lines were so short! I didn't realize how nice that was until Saturday when the lines got longer (but still short for the park, so I heard). Mom wouldn't ride Top Thrill Dragster, so I went in line myself. While waiting in line for the first time, I hear some guys behind me and one sang part of Kitty by the Presidents. They amused me, so I readily accepted when they asked if they could pair up with me (the ride sat two per row, I was by myself, and they had three in their group). I talk to them for a while, but split ways after the ride (which was intense). I ended up running into them once more that night and twice more on Saturday.
On Sunday, we checked out of the hotel (as it was shutting down for the week and we had a flight). We were going ferry to this island to see a tower thing, but we didn't have time. We saw it from the shore, and then headed to a yacht club to grab some lunch. I had a 'carbdown' turkey wrap. I would have rather had a 'carbup-meatdown' wrap, but what can you do? After lunch we headed back and caught our plane. That was about it. Now... I get in line to move into my dorm in five hours. Better get some sleep!
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