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2004-10-14 21:34:28 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Haha, our dorm made the college newspaper: Too much 'Tequila' for McMahon Hall residents. Like most news media, it over exaggerates, so I have some comments. "The greatest issues here were... the group mentality," what the hell is wrong with group mentality? "Robinson, a first-year student, was in his dorm room studying when he was alarmed by the trumpet playing." The red coats are coming! The red coats are coming! Who the fuck is intimidated by a trumpet? I just figured it was some drunk bandies coming back from a party or game or something. "Several instruments were spotted among the 11 floors of the McMahon Residence Hall, including a saxophone, trumpet, three violins and a miniature conga drum." The three violins were on our balcony, but they forgot the viola that was out as well. Also, it wasn't a conga drum. "What was thought to be in the spirit of good fun grew out of control as the overall mood of the crowd became rowdy and disorderly." Uhh, yeah. I never saw anyone being rowdy, from my view it was all in good fun. I didn't see anything thrown, so I have no comment about that. It was crazy... almost like flash mob (but those became over hyped /very/ quickly).
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