Angry Rant
Angry Rant
2004-10-28 02:08:20 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I don't know, maybe I'm just pessimistic tonight because I'm tired and my fucking clustermates won't shut the fuck up, but I'm losing faith in America. Well, not America, but Americans. I've heard people criticize people who vote for third party candidates, "If all those damn Nader voters had voted for Kerry, we wouldn't be in the mess with George W. Bush." You know what? If all those damn Bush voters had voted for Kerry, Bush wouldn't be president. What makes you think one of those comments is any more valid than the other? I'm tired of people assuming that, if I was a Nader fan, and Nader wasn't running, that I would automatically vote for Kerry. FUCK NO! I'm not voting for either of the corporate parties. You know what? It is near impossible for a 3rd party to win presidency because of how the electoral college is set up. We need major electoral reform and we need it soon. The problem? The very people that can change it are the people who are most likely to be hurt by it. Most people never hear about third parties (Badnarik? Who the fuck is that?) because they aren't allowed in the major TV debates. Debates funded with PUBLIC MONEY! I'm amazed I-872, which is such a hindrance to third parties, actually made it to the ballot. It seems this is turning into a very political entry, oh well, it shall continue.
I can't believe so many Americans let themselves be misled. They are too busy watching a midget eat dog shit on his wedding day to a gay goat (coming soon to Fox!) to pay attention to the news. Americans are fed talking points about Kerry's flip flopping and they eat it up. Of course, I think I see the reason for this. Most news media in American sucks the major. People don't want to go out of there way to look for correct information, and the news (especially TV news) isn't helping. The only purpose of news is to sell advertising. The best way to get American eyeballs is turn everything into a scandal and spend all your time talking about asinine subjects and barely cover the important issues. We make a big scandal about showing a breast on TV during a live event, but Jimmy Swaggart says he wants to kill gays and I hear nothing. All the news media is owned by a few powerful companies and people who have vested interests in what they air. That is why you barely see coverage of any third parties on the news, because the third parties will hurt the news media (and at the same time help the people). This brings me to my next point. Have you seen Jon Stewart on Crossfire? If not, I recommend you go to iFilm or somewhere and watch it. I have a copy on my computer and I have seen it four or five times now. Watching that clip makes me so happy and sad. I'm happy that Jon Stewart takes time off from being a funny man to get serious and point out a serious problem with the news today and that he completely chewed them out. It saddened me because everything he said was true and all these 'news' shows are just theatre, and they are hurting America. All these points are interrelated, so I have trouble organizing this paragraph, but I'll throw this last point on the end. I've been reading a lot about the election from electoral-vote and some of the things he mentions are pretty scary. In the last few days he has talked about how people in the Bush camp have a /very/ skewed view of the world and believe anything that is spun at them. He also points out that richer white voters are voting for Kerry, while poorer, more rural voters are voting for Bush. Why the reversal of what you would expect? People seem to be ranking the candidates based more on their 'ethics' and 'morals' than on their economic policy. It seems to me both parties should flip their economic viewpoints. Kerry should become more capitalistic and economic freedom oriented, but that would bring him into the territory of the Libertarians. Bush should adopt the policy of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, since he is starting to win over the poor. Then we would end up with straight thinking, well-off urbanites voting for freedom (or should I say Liberty?) and a bunch of religious fundamentalists who want the rich urban people to finance their church schools were evolution is heresy. I still can't believe more people don't vote Libertarian, it seems like a system most people would benefit from. Well, except for those that want to impose their 'morals' on others.
Coming back to Jerry Swaggart, I can't believe he has fans and makes money. Can people be so closed minded in this era? I guess so. I met Travis' youth group friends when I visited him in California and it amazed me. They didn't live in San Francisco, but pretty close to it, so I figured at least some liberalness would wear off on them. That said, it doesn't seem to have affected them much (unless my view of liberal is skewed way left from growing up in the northwest). Even the most liberal of the bunch still seemed homophobic. That was the /most/ liberal, it scares me to think the most conservative have going on in their head. I didn't hear the worst of it (according to what I heard talking to Travis after I got back), but I did hear one guy talking about how he thinks his teacher is a lesbian and that makes it hard for him to concentrate during class. What a fucking douche. I saw the movie Saved! last weekend. I would have preferred to watch A Mighty Wind, but the movie was already rented, so I didn't have much choice in the matter. It wasn't bad, though, and I found it amusing making parallels between the movie characters and the people I met in California. There was a pretty good correlation between each character and a person I know. Maybe I'll talk about that in another post (or by private e-mail with friends on the off chance that one of the Californians read this).
Another problem with Americans that I've talked about before and is a big issue with me: obesity. It isn't that people can't lose weight, it is just that they don't fucking care. Once again, I'll exclude people that truly have disorders from this discussion. I have a friend of a friend (FOAF) who is seriously obese... lets just call her, say, Hannah. It isn't that she can't lose weight, I believe she can, it is just she is fucking lazy and doesn't care. Let me give you an example or two. For one thing, she is a high school student, lives less than a mile to school, and refuses to walk. We have moderate weather here year round, I see no reason why she can't. Hell, I rode my bike for the second half of my senior year, with no thought to the weather. Instead she gets her 'friends' to drive her. Second example: I wasn't there for this, but it came from a reliable source that I trust. This obese girl, "Hannah," was making some ice cream when someone suggested she put a banana in it. "Hannah" said, "No way! Those are healthy." There is something seriously wrong with you if you refuse to eat something on the relative healthiness of it. If you refuse to eat something tasty that is bad for you, that is fine, I do it all the time (how else can I keep my womanly figure?), but refusing to eat something that is healthy, based solely on the fact that is healthy, is seriously fucked up.
Finally, I'd like to talk about America's future, children. Well, we aren't exactly children anymore, but many of us are still learning in college. Actually, I exaggerate, that last phrase should have been, "but many of us are still attending college." I'm not sure how much learning is going on for many of these people. I've heard it is somewhat hard to get into the UW, but I'm still surprised by all the people that do. I don't really think they are dumb, no, it isn't that, it is just that, again, they don't care. These people sleep through their _sole class of the day_ because they stayed up too late playing Halo. Sure, if it was a subject they were an ace at and were only taking to get some prerequisites, then it wouldn't be a problem, but most of the people I see skipping are also struggling in the course. These very same people are the assholes that prevented me from sleeping tonight. I went to bed at 22:00 because last night I was up until 04:00 (don't worry, I am quiet at that time). However, I woke up at 23:00 and again at 00:00 because of all the fucking noise in the cluster. Quiet time is 22:00 people. I was telling them to STFU, and one guy blamed me for going to bed at 22:00, "How can you expect us to be quiet?" Oh great, more of that blame the victim crap. I'm tired of these assholes. Next year I'm definitely not living in a dorm. People are too inconsiderate. My roommate is still up studying, since he spent much of the day hanging out away from his study materials. If these are the people that will lead America into the future, then <diety> help us.
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