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2004-11-11 03:13:12 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Hmm... lets see. Well, you can all probably imagine my opinion on the election, so I won't go into that. That said, I didn't vote for either of the 'big two' parties. Not like it would matter either way since Kerry was guaranteed for Washington.
I'm at home tonight since I like to get away from the dorm as much as possible. I'm trying to get my room switched to a cluster in the north hall (same floor), but, like most bureaucracy, things take time. I can go home, but my roommate can't, so I can never just hang out alone in the room. I'm starting to get really annoyed with my clustermates. It isn't that they are mean or rude, it is just they are obnoxious and inconsiderate. I have an idea, don't talk to me or make noise, and I won't shoot you bad looks or poison your Kool-Aid (not that I have done either of those, mind you, I don't even know anyone that drinks Kool-Aid). My biggest complaint now is that my and my roommate's schedules don't mesh. He multi-hour long naps during the day, but then stays up until 04:00 or 05:00 in the morning. Luckily I got to bed and feel asleep last night before he got back. My other complaint is the noise. David is probably the worst offender with the loud talking and techno. The thing that gets me, he talks loud (aka, I can hear him through my closed door even if he is down the hallway) while he is awake, but then immediately expects people to be quite when he goes to bed at exactly midnight. Also, the whole cluster doesn't want to hear your techno, even if it is BT. If you didn't listen to techno so loud, maybe you wouldn't have to have Family Guy blaring when your face is 12 inches from the screen. Oh no, I don't have any animosity towards any of them.
Mmmm, soca. With the gain in popularity of Kevin Lyttle's Turn Me On, I have become re-addicted to soca music (soca being soul calypso). I have listened to my Soca Switch 10 CD a bunch recently, and I just purchased Soca Switch 4 for $2.40 (shipped). I'm still looking at getting Destra's Laventille, as I really want a high quality of Bonnie and Clyde (any song that uses part of the Take On Me tune deserves props). As an added bonus it comes with other cool songs like Carnival. I need to strap a ghetto blaster to my back and ride my bike around the city (or possibly Bellevue) playing loud music (maybe soca). Take that rice rocket!
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