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2004-11-16 16:55:55 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I spent a bunch of time yesterday writing a program to get the buddies from iChat and save it to a format that BuddyZoo supports. I figured I'd have to use AppleScript, so I looked online and quickly learned enough to get the buddies (it was very easy). I tried calling this small AppleScript with Objective-C, which worked, but then I couldn't figure a way to get the retuned list out of NSAppleEventDescriptor. After much searching, I got frustrated and looked for ways to finish the script in AppleScript. It was pretty easy, and I got it done fast. However, it turned out I needed to also include the users screen name in the file, but I couldn't find a way to get that from iChat. Next, I set out to create a user interface in Interface Builder. I followed an example to built one and imported and slightly changed the AppleScript, but I couldn't get it to run when the user clicked the button. Finally, today, I looked for ways to make dialogs in AppleScript. This was really easy and I quickly finished the program. Now it prompts you for your screen name and the file name you want to give the output (which is automatically saved to the desktop). It is very easy to do stuff with AppleScript. I created a short website for my program, named extractbuddies.
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