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2005-01-08 17:37:11 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Well, I finally got my room change request fulfilled. I got the e-mail on Thursday and immediately went downstairs to fill out the form. They gave me the new keys right there, so I went up, unlocked the door to my new cluster, and went in with a big grin on my face. Everyone was just going about their activities and asked how I got in... I held up my keys. There was much rejoicing. I kept quiet about it that night, but after school on Friday I started moving stuff. I had Matt and Brian come back to my cluster to help move the TV (they were eager to bring that over). Someone was playing XBOX on it, so we asked them to save and when he did we started unplugging all the wires. We carefully brought it down the hall to the new room. It was a pain in the ass since there are five auto-closing, auto-locking doors between the two lounges. Then I started going back and forth moving stuff. I didn't realize how much stuff I had :). I am leaving some stuff that I plan to take home, like my speakers and steel drum (I didn't use them enough to justify the space they take up). Once Rae arrived, we all went to dinner downstairs in 8. When we were leaving, I ran into Tyler and he asked if I was moving out. After dinner I moved some more. It is mostly cleaned out now, I just have a little bit left. There were a bunch of people hanging out in the cluster last night. For quite a while there were eight of us in my new room. I also saw the final SNL Celebrity Jeopardy (never seen that before).
I haven't done much today. I got up, took a shower, and decided to go to Starbucks to try the Chantico. I learned about it on Wednesday while checking out Starbucks headlines on Yahoo! Finance. I arrived at their new Ave store and not many people were there (no one in line), I guess it isn't as popular on non-school days. Sure enough, Chantico had a fairly prominent place on the menu. I smiled and ordered it slowly, not sure exactly how it was pronounced (I often have that trouble as there are some things I talk about more on the internet than real life, so I never hear the common, accepted pronunciation). He said I was one of the brave souls. I asked if it wasn't selling well and he said he didn't think many people knew about it yet, I agreed. In the three hours he was there, I was the fourth person to order one. It came in a small container and I can see why they don't offer it in multiple sizes like the majority of drinks. That stuff is strong! I took little sips and it was very strong, but good. I think I might have preferred just slightly less sugar, though. I sat in the store drinking it for a while. I eventually got up and made my way back to the dorm. By the time I got back, the little Chantico I had left was room temperature. I know I won't have Chantico every time (it is pretty high in calories and fat), but it will make a nice little indulgence once a week or so.
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