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2005-01-10 17:16:15 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Teh huge teh suck. Well, it turns out the rumors were right, there will be no live broadcast of Steve Jobs' Keynote in any form. The web stream, my usual method, won't be online until 18:00 tomorrow night. I just asked at the University Village Apple Store and they aren't even doing a satellite feed to their stores tomorrow :(. This is the first time I would have been able to watch in a high quality satellite feed, but it was canceled! Damn. I wonder what is the actual reason for this. Perhaps they know they are going to have razor thin margins on the rumored box released tomorrow, and don't want to waste any extra money. Another possibility (although doubtful since this is advertised as one of the main features of Tiger) is that they are delaying the feed until people have a chance to download a new version of QuickTime to play H.264 streams (which would have to be released during the Keynote tomorrow). Whatever the reason, I died a little inside. I guess I should be happy as a shareholder, but some things are better than money.
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