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2005-01-13 02:42:20 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
So yeah, I'm sure you've all seen them by now, but the new Apple products are hot. I've been wearing my Apple shirt since Sunday night because of the Keynote excitement. My friend Will and I have been talking about it non stop since Tuesday. Practically my whole day Tuesday was spent talking about Apple :). I tried to sell my mom on a Mac mini, but she said she would rather get an iMac G5, so I won't argue :). Today Jeff T and I went to the AES meeting (where I met Will's dad) where we watched a very interesting presentation by the main inventor responsible for optical digital recording. It was quite fascinating. At the end, I looked some of his pictures and he even had a transparent piece of glass with curved rows of dots on it. The glass, recorded in 1973, contains an early optical digital video recording. Take that DVD! BTW, the Apple earnings conference call was today and they rocked. I just looked on the Yahoo! Finance site and AAPL was up 11% in after hours trading! Yikes! It shall be an interesting week for AAPL.
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